Duff Tyler Aquatic Complex

Dear Parents of Pre-Team, Swim Team, Water Polo, and Diving,

            2008 has certainly been a year of great growth for all of our aquatic programs and as such I want to be sure and make everyone aware of our policy regarding access to the pool deck and bleachers during practice sessions. It is very important that we uniformly enforce our policy that restricts entrance to the pool deck during practice sessions to participants only. This policy affects all disciplines of aquatic instruction at Saint Andrew’s and I will truly appreciate your understanding and support in this matter. This is very important from a general liability standpoint, but it is even more important as we continue to develop all of our aquatic sports as student-centered programs.

We can all certainly understand that any learning process is accomplished much more productively when the students are focused on the instructor. I would encourage you to think of the pool as the classroom and your child’s coach as the teacher, because that is exactly what needs to occur for us to continue to distinguish our aquatic programs from the ordinary. Certainly parents and siblings do not intend to be a distraction, but that is inevitably what occurs. Even coaches find themselves distracted by many well-intentioned parents. Any time a coach takes focus away from the athletes, progress is slowed.  

Of course this is most difficult for the youngest of our students and we are aware that there may be a need for those parents to arrive on deck in time to help them gather their belongings once a class session is complete. We have generally considered the gates open for parent access during the final five minutes of a scheduled practice, especially for those who have young students.

            This simple policy is very easy to get used to and be proud of as a symbol of our professionalism. Parents can turn the children over to the instructor at the gate and find a peaceful place on campus to relax during the session. While we have dreams of one day building a simple gazebo at the foot of the stairs that would provide shade and seating, for now we do have access to the pavilion just east of the pool near the football field that is open to all.

            Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions, comments or concerns with any of this. So many of you have been great in following this policy and we are thankful for that. We look forward to getting everyone on board and moving forward faster in the development of our young athletes. Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and for trusting us with the most precious resource in the world, your children.




                                                            Coach “S.A.” Sid Cassidy

                                                            Aquatic Director, Saint Andrew’s School