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Upper School Visual Arts

Upper School Visual Arts courses are aimed to: foster the creative spirit, instill in students powerful tools that help make connections between intellect and emotion; expand student’s abilities to distinguish and appreciate the arts as a historical reflection of humankind’s advancements, values, and cultures; develop a deeper capacity for creative expression and effective visual communication, and cultivate direct experience with the senses and create an atmosphere that promotes a kinesthetic connection to learning.

High School ceramics students

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The Upper School Visual Art curriculum includes exposure to global art theory and history; critical thinking; studio thinking; design thinking; global contemporary artists; writing about art and artists; individual and group critiques; creating independent, self-expressive artwork; field trips; the Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate, and other emerging media; sketchbook drawing and digital archival of artwork that documents both process and product; exhibiting art both on and off-campus; sustainable materials; and technology integration.


Introductory Courses

  • Photography 1: Darkroom
  •  Ceramics
  • 3D Studio Art Foundations
  • 2D Studio Art Foundations
  •  Digital Art and Design Foundations

Honors Classes

  • Honors Darkroom Photography II
  • Honors Ceramics II
  • Honors Sculpture
  • Honors Drawing
  • Honors Painting and Printmaking 
  • Honors Digital Art and Design II

Advanced Coursework

  • IB Visual Art HL/SL Yr 1

  • Honors Visual Art Portfolio 

  • AP Art History

  • IB Visual Art HL/SL Yr 2

  • AP Art and Design Portfolio