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Lower School Visual Arts

The Lower School Art Program nurtures all students, pre-k through grade 5 in the discovery, engagement, and empowering of expressive voice and personal connections through agency in art explorations.

Lower School visual arts table

Developing creativitY

Students develop their creativity using a wide range of materials and media as they examine and experiment, discover, and make meaning. Responding to art in the community and within contemporary societies, diverse cultures, and through historical contexts, students strengthen their visual perception and personal reflective skills as artists. Art experiences promote connections of mind, body, and spirit through practices designed to promote awareness, reflection, and alignment.

The actions of creating, connecting, presenting, and responding frame the learning as students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while engaging with conceptual ideas and synthesizing innovative solutions. Experiences often enhance the Primary Years Programme (PYP), integrating central ideas and transdisciplinary themes into the art studio, supporting global awareness and understanding.

Student art is prominently exhibited throughout the school, recognizing presentation and exhibition are important aspects of the artistic process. Select student work is also featured in museums and other public spaces.