We thank all our A.D. and Lucy Henderson Legacy Society donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.
Glenn Stover ’67

When I arrived on campus, "Ivy League" meant nothing to me beyond a clothing style. There were, however, six faculty members (out of a total of twenty) with degrees from Ivy League schools, and I soon learned about the wonderful education available at those prestigious northeastern universities.  I then set my sights on gaining admission to Yale and Princeton.  From being a clueless, blue-collar kid in 1962, I was admitted in 1967 to both Yale and Princeton. Following four years at Princeton, I was admitted to Harvard Law School. In the 42 years since graduating from college, I have pursued several careers in law, culminating in having my own law firm in San Francisco.
I owe everything I am today to Saint Andrew's. That is why, in 1986, I started one of the school's first endowment funds, the Wade Goss '71 Minority Scholarship Fund, that supports bringing cultural diversity to the school community, and that is why I have supported the school's Annual Fund for 45 years.

In 1962 I was a deserving student in need of an opportunity and Reverend Hunter Wyatt-Brown, the school's first Headmaster and visionary founder, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. That is why I have decided to make a bequest to Saint Andrew's School in my estate plans. By doing so, I will be paying forward the generosity that once was given to me.  I want to make a difference in the lives of our youth in the same way that Saint Andrew's made a difference in mine.  I encourage all alumni and members of the Saint Andrew's community to do the same. Let's make a difference together!

- Glenn Stover ’67

Steve Shelton '67

Steve Shelton '67 credits Saint Andrew's School with providing him a solid foundation for life. "We are commanded in the Bible to GIVE and to STORE UP OUR TREASURES IN HEAVEN. Once you are committed to a life of giving, all that is left to decide is where you will direct these resources. For Diana and me, it is all about education, children, and our faith. This is where our hearts are drawn when we think about our responsibilities as Christian givers. It was only natural for us to include Saint Andrew's School in our estate plans and support the school that gave me a great foundation, set me up for a successful life, and still embodies the qualities of Mind, Body, and Spirit...the guiding principles on which the school was founded. We take great pleasure in knowing that through our Planned Gift, we will be doing our part to keep the great traditions that are at the heart of Saint Andrew's alive so future generations may benefit."
As an expression of his gratitude, Steve named Saint Andrew's School the beneficiary of his IRA.  His decision came about as he explored ways to support Saint Andrew's and provide for his family.  Since the funds within an IRA are allowed to grow tax free, they are subject to income and estate tax and the least desirable to give to heirs.  So Steve changed the beneficiary on his IRA to Saint Andrew's, which, as a charitable organization, can receive the full amount without tax obligation.  Steve and Diana's gift will help perpetuate the James M. Davis '66 Scholarship Fund that Steve established in 1981.

For his heirs, Steve chose assets more advantageous to them.  With a little forethought, Steve was able to provide for his loved ones and help Saint Andrew's.
Jan Emigh - Retired Performing Arts Chair - Director of Bands (1987-2013)

As I look back over my 39 years of teaching, it is easy for me to see the importance Saint Andrew's School played in enabling me to excel at my profession and enrich the lives of students.

I spent my first 13 years of teaching building an instrumental program at Boca Raton Academy. In 1984, a student by the name of Joseph Mecca enrolled in the program. Little did I know that this young man would set me on a course to Saint Andrew's! Joe, Class of '88, transferred to Saint Andrew's in his junior year and found instrumental music all but nonexistent. It was through his encouragement and the support of the Fine Arts Chair Philip Crangi that Headmaster William Posey hired me in 1987 to develop an instrumental program at Saint Andrew's School.

A program does not develop overnight, and the first years were indeed challenging. It took years to develop the program into what it is today. The dedicated and talented faculty, students, parents, trustees, and administrative leadership played an integral role in making the Performing Arts Program a vital part of the Saint Andrew's curriculum. I am very grateful to have been part of developing a thriving program that validates the talent and passion of our faculty, the hard work of the students, and the school's commitment to the arts.

Saint Andrew's continues to be a unique institution and has created an environment for students to grow and flourish in Mind, Body, and Spirit. The school has also supported and provided many opportunities for faculty to grow and flourish as educators.  As a recipient of the Master Teacher Award in 1999, the Sid Rowell Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000 and 2013, The Patten Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008, and the Gary Neils Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013, I can only conclude that excellence in teaching is valued, inspired, and sustained by the school community. This creates a win-win situation for students and faculty alike. I indeed owe my successful career as a music educator to Saint Andrew's School. Thank you, Saint Andrew’s!

Therefore, when I began to contemplate retirement, I asked myself, "How can I continue to support this exceptional institution that has given me so much and make a difference for future generations of students and faculty?"  I knew then, as I know now, that Saint Andrew's would always be a part of me.  It is for that reason my husband, Walter, and I have included Saint Andrew's in our estate plans and will renew our commitment to both students and colleagues in the hopes of inspiring continued growth and excellence in education at Saint Andrew's.

We all possess unique and special talents and have a responsibility to use those gifts to enrich lives. I have tremendous gratitude for the opportunities Saint Andrew's has provided me to impact the lives of students through the Performing Arts. It is my hope that you will also remember the importance Saint Andrew's has played in your life in developing your very special and unique talents. Please join me and enrich the lives of future generations at Saint Andrew's.

Jan Emigh
Retired Performing Arts Chair
Director of Bands (1987-2013)
Mickey Zitzmann '94

If you are reading this, you may be considering doing something very special for Saint Andrew's School. Why? Why would you leave Saint Andrew's in your estate plans? The answer: You will change a child's life!

Imagine this…there is a bright, young boy growing up in a town near Boca Raton. At the core, he is a good kid. He excels in the classroom and out on the playing fields.  That said, he is still very impressionable.  The public middle school he attends is rough, to say the least, and this boy loves to be around the "action," which has its pitfalls. The boy's father, who grew up very poor on the streets of Detroit, starts to see the red flags. Knowing that his son is smart, has a lot of potential, and is headed down the wrong path, he decides to apply for his son to attend Saint Andrew's School. However, there is one problem… dad can't afford the tuition.

How sad would that be if the story ended there. Well, the good news is that it didn't. Thanks to the generosity of others, like YOU, Saint Andrew's gave this child an opportunity to better his life by attending a school that would nurture him in Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Saint Andrew's was the best thing that could have happened to this kid. Grateful for the opportunity, this young man took full advantage of the phenomenal faculty, coaches, and administrators at SAS and reached his potential in all three aspects of the school's mission. MIND: he graduated in the top 10% of his class. BODY: he captained the school's state-ranked basketball team. SPIRIT: he won the Saint Andrew's Medal, the top award given at commencement. After graduating from Saint Andrew’s and despite being only 5'6" tall, he realized his childhood dream of playing for the University of Michigan Men's Basketball Team; an achievement he credits to the school and SAS basketball coach, John O'Connell (Johnny O).

This is just one of many stories over the years that demonstrates how Saint Andrew's School made a difference in a student's life. I am partial to this particular story, however, because I was the boy in this story. As a matter of fact, this is also the story of my twin brother, Andy. We are both very proud and grateful graduates of the Class of 1994.  In this case, Saint Andrew's changed two lives!

It goes without saying that I have always felt indebted to Saint Andrew's School. As honored as I felt to be a part of the student body, I was equally honored to have returned to our community in 2011 as an employee. Initially, I was tasked with building the school's Planned Giving Program. Then in 2015, I was asked to take on the role of  Director of Resident Life.  What a blessing!  My involvement has brought me full circle...first by building endowment to attract and financially support the best students and now by helping to shape these talented young people into tomorrow’s leaders.

Therefore, I am starting with myself. Out of respect for the donors who came before me and as a tangible demonstration of my appreciation for Saint Andrew's influence on my family, I decided to include the school in my estate plans. It was an easy decision and an even easier process to execute my gift. I simply called my Retirement Management Firm and added Saint Andrew's School as a beneficiary to my retirement account. Since these funds grow free of taxable income, therefore, the least desirable to give to heirs who will pay significant taxes as beneficiaries.  Saint Andrew’s, on the other hand, can receive the full amount without tax obligation. In this way, I am fulfilling my philanthropic obligation to a school that gave me so much and while also taking care of my family.

Our visionary founder, Reverend Hunter Wyatt-Brown said, "We will not stop until Saint Andrew's School becomes one of the finest institutions in the country." Let's come together and fulfill our forefather's dream. Saint Andrew's changed my life. By including Saint Andrew's in my estate plans, I will help change the lives of future Scots. I love my Alma Mater and thank God for the opportunity. Please join me.
Go Scots!

- Mickey Zitzmann '94
Capital Giving Officer
William Ballenger

As a product of a college preparatory, boarding school culture myself--both as an alumnus and as a veteran teacher, coach, and dorm parent--I can personally attest to the enduring, unique value that Saint Andrew's School affords young men and women. As a testament thereof, I was so thoroughly impressed by the school's quality academic and residential life programs that at the end of my first year, I elected to include Saint Andrew's in my estate plans. Such was my faith--indeed, continues to be my faith--in Saint Andrew's ability to nourish students in Mind, Body, and Spirit and empower graduates to lead healthy, happy, and fulfilled adult lives in our competitive, rapidly changing 21st century world. Those of Judeo-Christian faith are familiar with the refrain, "You cannot take it with you." Accordingly, I have gladly acted in order that others may be as fortunate as I and the thousands of Saint Andrew's alumni before me have been.  Go Scots!

- William Ballenger
History Teacher, Wrestling Coach, and Boys Dorm House Parent
Koren Phillips '01

My short time at Saint Andrew's School had a disproportionately large and enormously positive impact on my life. The important values of honor and trust that were instilled in me during my time on campus have journeyed with me as part of my moral compass throughout college, graduate school, and my professional career. Indeed, "Honor Above All" can be defined as an important guide for the way I choose to lead my life.

Beyond the value system that I developed at SA, I met people who are my best friends to this day. Back then, we were students sitting under the banyan trees in the courtyard between classes, playing sports, doing theater, and learning. Today, we're adults coming together for all types of life events – happy, sad, and everything in between – and fostering those special relationships that started so long ago.

In gratitude for everything that my Alma Mater has given me, it is my great pleasure to include Saint Andrew's in my estate plans – I can think of no greater way to honor my family's legacy than to leave a gift to SA. For a place that gave me so much, I feel lucky to be able to give back and help secure the future of Saint Andrew's and its students for generations to come.

- Koren Phillips '01


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