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Third Wellness Series Speaker Talks About Technology with Faculty and Parents

Dr. Emily Weinstein Wellness Speaker

Last week, as part of our Wellness Speaker Series, we were honored by a visit from Dr. Emily Weinstein, a researcher at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Co-Director of their new Center for Digital Thriving, and author of the book Behind Their Screens: What Teens Are Facing (And Adults Are Missing).  

Dr. Weinstein met with our faculty and spoke with parents at a SAPA-sponsored breakfast.  At both sessions, she shared some surprising perspectives on what drives our students to their screens, including some of the pressures they may be feeling about engaging in technology in the context of their friendships. Dr. Weinstein also shared with our teachers and parents suggestions and resources for how to start conversations with adolescents about the role that technology plays in their lives. 

We are grateful to Dr. Weinstein for sharing her time and expertise with us and hope our students and families will have productive conversations about how to improve the quality of their digital lives.


Jacqueline Jaffe

Director of Wellness

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