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Kindergarten Post Office – April 22-26

Kindergarten Post Office – April 22-26

Announcing the opening of the Saint Andrew’s Postal Service!

Dear Lower School Parents,

We are pleased to announce that the Kindergarten classes are running the 12th annual Postal Service at Saint Andrew’s Lower School!  We would love for the entire Lower School community (children and parents) to be involved in this exciting project.  We appreciate your support as we practice many of our Kindergarten skills through our Post Office project.

Our Post Office will be open for 1 WEEK!

During the week of April 22-26, the Kindergarteners will be selling stamps in the Shapiro Family Lobby from 7:45-8:15 AM.

Stamps will be one cent each and can be purchased one at a time, or in groups of five, ten, or twenty-five. We would love for the Lower School students to bring in small amounts of change next week so they can purchase stamps.

All of the money made from selling our stamps will be donated to Florence Fuller. There will be a mailbox set up in the Shapiro Family Lobby for parents and students to mail letters in-house to teachers, friends, and families.  The Kindergarten students will collect, sort, and deliver the mail each afternoon.

Please support our Postal Service!  Write lots of letters to your child every day.  Encourage your children to write lots of kind letters to their friends, teachers, and specials teachers.