“By 2020, Saint Andrew's will be a leader in providing a unified academic community unparalleled in inspiring students to lead honorable lives of purpose and take on limitless opportunities to impact the world.”

We are energized and enthusiastic about the future. As we observe our community in action, it is clear that Saint Andrew’s students are independent lifelong learners. They think globally and act locally. They are confident communicators and good listeners. They are bright, empathetic, inquisitive, creative, respectful, principled, faithful, and balanced individuals. Saint Andrew’s students are leaders by example in the classroom, on the playing field, on the stage and in the community; they are our hope for a better future. 

It is through the lens of present and future students and in partnership with our accomplished faculty and supportive parents, alumni, administration, staff and friends that we announce the launch of our new strategic plan - Vision 2020 - a process to build upon our strong foundation and chart the direction of Saint Andrew’s School over the next five years.

This plan is the culmination of months of collaboration, research, and lively debate among parents, trustees, alumni, faculty and friends. We thank all community members who attended the Community Roundtable in April 2013, the Visioning Day in November 2013, and the State of the School in January 2015.

This community effort represents the best of our thinking about how we will meet the challenges our children and our school will face in the future. Thank you for helping us to realize our vision.

Goal 1 - Unify Our Community

By 2020, Saint Andrew’s School will be unified in values, mission, and educational philosophy and practice.

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    Shared Understanding
    Practice a shared understanding of Saint Andrew’s values, mission, and Episcopal identity.
    An Enriched Environment
    Create an enriched environment for all members of the Saint Andrew’s community to cultivate honorable lives of purpose.
    One School Community
    Unify as one school community around a shared educational philosophy and complementary educational practices.
    One Voice
    Reaffirm, educate and communicate with one voice about values, culture and the Episcopal school tradition.
    An Aligned School Culture
    Celebrate an aligned school culture as one community through events and gatherings.
    Community Member Impact
    Share stories of community members’ impacts and engagement.

    Community Exchanges
    Seek community involvement in intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and cultural exchanges.
    Service Learning
    Collaborate to enhance student engagement in service learning.

    Cultivate connections across all grade levels, and between and among all faculty and day and resident life students and families.

Goal 2 - Impact the World

By 2020, Saint Andrew’s School will be empowered to be capable, compassionate global citizens motivated to impact the world.

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    Innovative Learning
    Create innovative teaching and learning experiences where students have the freedom to explore learning as an adventure.
    Navigational Tools
    Equip students with academic and practical tools to navigate and adapt to a continuously changing world of diversity and innovation.
    IB Learner Profile
    Leverage the IB Learner Profile with our priority for enhancing character education. 
    Coordinated JK-12 Curriculum
    Define and communicate clearly and consistently the benefits of a well-articulated and coordinated JK-12 curriculum.
    Consistent Communications
    Improve clarity and consistency of face-to-face and electronic communication across all grade levels and among all internal constituencies.
    Code of Ethics
    Each student shall create a personal code of ethics that will be a daily reminder of what they believe in and a source of encouragement in daily life at Saint Andrew’s.
    Global Classrooms
    Expand capacity to provide global classrooms that incorporate innovative technology.
    Collaborative Learners
    Cultivate educational practices that develop self-motivated, innovative, collaborative learners.
    School Exchanges
    Expand opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, and peer school collaboration.

Goal 3 - Build Goodwill

By 2020, all members of the community will be working together to advocate for the value of the Saint Andrew’s School experience.

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    Sustainable Brand
    Invest in market research to clearly define the features and benefits of a sustainable Saint Andrew’s brand
    Market Planning
    Invest in marketing planning to position Saint Andrew’s to prevail in its local and global target enrollment markets
    Satisfied Expectations
    Work to satisfy internal stakeholders’ unmet needs and expectations that align with school values, mission, and goals.
    Internal Communications
    Ensure clear, comprehensive, and consistent internal communications about the value of the Saint Andrew’s brand.
    Greater Awareness
    Target external communications to achieve greater visibility, awareness, and recognition of the Saint Andrew's Brand.
    Active Listening
    Develop school-wide habits of active listening and appropriate transparency in communications.
    Relationships of Trust
    Increase opportunities to foster mutual relationships of trust and respect.
    Effective Collaboration
    Expand effective collaboration among all members of the community.
    Local and Global Partnerships
    Cultivate meaningful local and global partnerships.

Goal 4 - Ensure Vision

By 2020, Saint Andrew’s School will have the capacity to achieve its vision.

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    Mission Driven Community
    Attract, develop, and retain students, faculty, staff and administration and Trustees who are aligned with Saint Andrew’s mission.
    Diversity, Fin. Aid, & Selectivity
    Build an endowment that allows increased diversity, financial aid, and selectivity in admissions.
    Flexible Learning Spaces
    Provide flexible learning spaces to meet the needs of 21st century learners, reflecting a commitment to both financial and environmental stewardship.
    Educate students to understand and accept the responsibility of contributing to the sustainability of the school.
    Culture of Stewardship
    Build awareness and understanding of the requirements to ensure a culture of stewardship and sustainability.
    Community Members' Contributions
    Communicate appreciation and recognition of community members’ contributions.
    Lifelong Relationships
    Nurture lifelong relationships with all current donors and members of the Saint Andrew’s family.
    Environmental Partnerships
    Develop new partnerships that reflect an increased commitment to environmental stewardship.
    Equity and Justice
    Seek and embrace new partnerships that promote equity and justice.

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