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Questions for the College Visit & Interview


Academic Challenge

  • To what degree is studying and spending time on academic work emphasized?
  • Do faculty hold students to high regards?
  • How much time do students spend on homework each week?
  • What type of thinking do assignments require?
  • How much writing is expected?
  • How much reading is expected?
  • Do exams require students to do their best work?


Active Learning

  • How often do students discuss ideas in class?
  • How often are topics from class discussed outside of the classroom?
  • Do students work together on projects - inside and outside of class?
  • How often do students make class presentations?
  • How many students participate in community-based projects in regular courses?
  • How many students apply their classroom learning to real life through internships or off-campus field experiences?
  • Do students have opportunities to tutor or teach other students?


Student-Faculty Interaction

  • Are faculty members accessible and supportive?
  • How many students work on research projects with faculty?
  • Do students receive prompt feedback on academic performance?
  • How often do students talk with their teachers about what they are learning in class?
  • How often do students talk with advisors or faculty members about their career plans?
  • Do students and faculty members work together on committees and projects outside of course work?


Enriching Educational Experiences

  • What types of honors courses, learning communities, and other distinctive programs are offered?
  • In what ways do faculty use technology in their classes?
  • How often do students interact with peers with different social, political or religious views?
  • How often do students interact with peers from different racial or ethnic backgrounds?
  • How many students study in other countries?
  • Do students participate in activities that enhance their spirituality?
  • What percentage of students do community service?
  • What kinds of activities are students involved in outside of the classroom?
  • What kinds of events does the campus sponsor?
  • Is a culminating senior year experience required?


Supportive Campus Environment

  • How well do students get along with other students?
  • Are students satisfied with their overall educational experience?
  • How much time do students devote to co-curricular activities?
  • How well do students get along with administrators and staff?
  • To what extent does the school help students deal with their academic and social needs?
  • What types of financial aid or scholarships are available to students?
  • How accessible are library services?
  • What safety services are available to students?
  • What types of health and counseling services are available?
  • What types of career planning and job placement services are available?

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