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Senior Grade Level Planning


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  • Understand your Rights & Responsibilities as a college applicant.
  • Research applications for colleges that you intend to apply. Note particularly the essays, if any, and required items that may vary from one application to another. Make a file for each college to keep you better organized and note the deadlines.
  • If you have not already done so in your junior year, request your teacher recommendations.
  • Take note of SAT/SAT Subject Test dates. Look at your prospective college's website to determine which, if any, SAT Subject Tests are required for admission.
  • Meet with your college counselor and update your final list of college choices and adhere to deadlines on the Saint Andrew's College Guidance Agreements.
  • Make sure your College Guidance Agreements, in Naviance, have been signed by you your and your parent(s).  These agreements allow the CGO to send your transcripts.
  • Complete state and rolling applications and turn in the School Document Release form to the CGO.
  • Attend sessions with college representatives that visit Saint Andrew's School.
  • By now you should have made your final decision if you intend to apply Early Decision or Early Action to any schools. Be sure to inform the CGO and submit the proper documentation.
  • Complete and turn in any School Document Release Forms for Early Decision/Action schools to the CGO. Schools with this type of application deadline are often due to the college on November 1st and as a result need to be coordinated through the CGO earlier. The due date for this form for the Class of 2014 is September 20.
  • Begin looking for scholarship applications; some competitive scholarships may have deadlines this month.
  • If you are a student athlete, complete your online NCAA registration at if you have not already done so.
  • Attend the Sunshine College Fair on October 5.
  • Take advantage of writing conferences to perfect your application essay.
  • If you plan to seek financial aid and are applying to private colleges and selective state universities, complete the CSS Profile. This may be submitted before federal forms and gives an early read on a student's eligibility for financial aid.
  • Retake SAT Reasoning or Subject Tests, if applicable.
  • At this point you should have turned in to the CGO a School Document Release Form for all schools with a deadline before January 15 as well as any schools that do not have a deadline and are considered rolling admission (many state universities will fall under this category).
  • Prepare for your semester exams. Be sure to attend any review sessions your teachers schedule. Your exam is a big portion of your semester grade. It is an important phase of the college admission process as we will send all colleges your "Mid-Year Report."
  • Continue to look for scholarships. The CGO will have resources you may use including information mailed directly to the school as well as books on the subject. Information may also be found online.
  • The final CGO deadline to turn in the School Document Release Form is January 10 for the Class of 2014. This applies to all applications with a deadline after January 15.
  • The CGO sends your semester grades to all the colleges you applied to, you do not need to request this.
  • Make note of any deadlines associated with financial aid at the schools you have applied. Complete the FAFSA as soon as W-2 forms become available. All colleges recommend submitting forms as soon as possible but not before January 1.
  • If you are deferred from any school to which you applied Early Decision/Action, submit additional information to update your application (and show your continued interest).
  • If you are a student athlete, be sure to send your test scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center. 
  • If applying to Florida Bright Futures, submit your application by March 1.
  • Admission decision notifications begin in early March and continue through April. Notify the CGO of all decisions received. If you are wait-listed, additional information of support or updates to your application should be sent.
  • If necessary (and possible), attend special days and weekends for accepted students and/or visit colleges. This may help you in your decision.
  • Final admission notification letters are received. Notify the college you will attend prior to May 1 (Common Reply Date) and notify all other colleges you will attend of your decision in regard to their acceptances.
  • Contact the financial aid office of the school you will attend with questions concerning your financial aid package.
  • Prepare for the AP exams, if applicable, held in early May.
  • Submit ONE deposit to the college of your choice by May 1 (Common Reply Date).
  • If you wish to remain active on a wait-list, any necessary steps should be completed by May 1.
  • If you haven't already done so, notify the CGO of your final decision.
  • Pin a flag on the map by senior courtyard, depicting where your class will be attending.
  • Congratulations on your graduation from Saint Andrew's School! Enjoy the summer- you are going to college.
  • Saint Andrew's School DOES NOT send any test scores (ACT, SAT, AP) to colleges and universities.  You must request that official scores be sent directly from the testing agencies.
  • Your teachers will submit their letters of recommendations to the CGO. DO NOT ask your teacher for their recommendation or demand its status. If you have formally requested a letter and provided the proper documentation, we will take care of the rest.
  • You have an application agreement with the CGO. Our deadlines will not be the same as college deadlines. The CGO expects your intent to apply much earlier than it is actually due to the college.
  • Remember that college rep visits and the Sunshine College Fair are an excellent time to reiterate your interest in a college. Even though you may have visited with the college and the rep many times, it is important that they see that you are truly interested.
  • Keep an eye out on the School Bulletin. Scholarship and other CGO related information will be posted there.
  • Naviance is a great resource in this process. Aside from college lists and searches, there is also a scholarship section, with a list of active scholarships for which you may qualify. Keep yourself up to date with what may become available.


Freshman year    Sophomore year     Junior year     Senior year


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