A Tip of the Hat for Scots Duke TIP Grade 4 and 5 Qualifiers

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization that identifies academically talented students starting in grade 4. Each year, Duke TIP accepts nearly one hundred thousand students from all across the country into its talent pool. This year, Saint Andrew’s is proud to recognize 56 students in grades 4 and 5 who have met the qualification for the Duke TIP talent search program.

Being distinguished by Duke TIP is afforded to students who demonstrate above-level scoring at or above the 95th percentile on the standardized achievement or abilities tests.

Scots who met the Duke Tip qualification have impressive scores. These grades 4 and 5 students scored 95% or above on at least one ERB-CTP subtest placing them in the top 5% of their peers nationwide.

Saint Andrew’s applauds 33 students in grade 4 and 23 students in grade 5 who have been identified by Duke TIP as demonstrating above-level testing.

Duke TIP has served over 2.8 million academically talented students in grades 4 through twelve since 1980. Duke TIP provides eligible students with a variety of enrichment benefits designed to help students and their families evaluate and grow their academic abilities. Once in the program, students have access to a large number of online activities and opportunities that not only further engage and enrich their academic programming but also connects them with fellow Duke Tip students in the United States.

“Qualifying members of Duke Tip have the opportunity to participate in one-of-a-kind activities like cryptology and online critical discussions with other young scholars across the country,” said Wesley Toretti, Lower School Counselor. “These discussions allow for our qualifying grades 4 and 5 students to have deeper conversations at a higher level while simultaneously making connections with students throughout the nation.”

Another key enrichment opportunity for Duke TIP qualifying students is the chance to take the grade 7 and 8 PSAT. By taking this standardized test, students and their families are able to feel further challenged and identify additional academic strengths.

Duke TIP is a nationally renowned academic talent identification program that not only recognizes students for their high test scores but also further enables students to continue their academic paths in ways that enhance their learning experience. “Parents are encouraged to reach out to Duke TIP if they are interested in participating in the multitude of opportunities that they have to offer,” said Mrs. Toretti.

Congratulations to the 56 Scots in grades 4 and 5 for their hard work and achievement!

Grade 4: Isabella Anderson, Giselle Bland, Jorge Carbayo, Gabriella Caridi, Ava Cornett, Jayden Dejo, Mason Donaghue, Olivia Elmar, Adrian Fente, Demitria Glenn, Logan Goldberg, Riley Goldberg, Smith Goldberg, Karina Jimenez, Jordyn Kelman, Kyle Kelman, Trent Kinmon, Everett Kulik, Ronan Kulik, Jackson Kuntz, Cooper Laliberte, Skylar Lipman, Ryan Moseley, William Moss, Joey Powers, Ainsley Ramsburg, Leah Sandler, Jake Schmier, Braeden Simons, Mia Stern, Sarah Tight, Paul Vasta, Nina White

Grade 5: Hannah Anglemyer, Rachel Aron, David Capeti, Christopher D’Angelo, Emily DePalmer, Kristen Eatough, Mason Effron, Constantine Kanarios, Blake Kornhaber, Kenzie Krasner, Cameron MacKay, Keely McGahee, Luccas Mendez, Sara Miller, Luca Moris, Quinn Morse, Vittorio Pin-Mariotto, Arslan Rizvi, Peter Roth, Santiago Sanabria-Raele, Sky-Lynn Silver, Jonah Weiner, Tyler Wit

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