Upper School Student Awarded Funding Through Round Square Anniversary Challenge

As part of the school’s commitment to bringing a global emphasis to our core curriculum, Saint Andrew's School is proud to be a world member of the Round Square International organization, which empowers students to make a lasting impact on the earth through positive action.

On January 25, 2017, Junior Jackie Brenner was selected by Round Square as part of its Anniversary Challenge to receive over $500 in funding for her nonprofit Piece of Peace.

The Round Square Anniversary Challenge is an initiative launched by His Majesty King Constantine at the Round Square International Conference in October 2016, in celebration of Round Square’s 50th Anniversary Year. Its aim is to demonstrate to students that with every positive action, however small, they can have a meaningful impact in their world and that, through the cumulative effect of many positive actions, together they can become agents of change.

“I applied for the Anniversary Challenge back in November, and I was honored to be selected by Round Square,” explained Jackie. “This funding will certainly help me expand the programming efforts for Piece of Peace.”

Jackie founded Piece of Peace in October of 2016. The nonprofit’s mission is to educate students about nutrition and provide them with ingredients to make cheap, healthy snacks. She was inspired to create the organization based on what she observed during the school day on campus.

“As I walk down the hallways at school, students devour snacks from chips to chocolates before they start their next class or run onto the athletic fields! I often wonder whether children/teens make snack decisions based on taste, ease of availability, or nutritional value. I am now on a mission to help educate children/ teens about the importance of healthy snacking and to incorporate a wellness program with yoga. I hope to empower kids to want to make healthy decisions on their own. My saying is that ‘“Every piece of food you eat will lead to inner peace.’”

Through the Anniversary Challenge’s funding efforts, Round Square has challenged Jackie and student recipients at other Round Square member schools to implement and report back on their initiatives during a 12-month period. They are also encouraged to keep a diary and take photos to document their endeavors.

Jackie has already heeded this call by taking her program to the Youth Activity Center and Florence Fuller Children’s Center in Boca Raton and by creating the website to show the progress of her initiative. She is now expanding the program to the YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs in South Florida, other states as well, and looking to partner with other non-profits in the greater South Florida area and the Palm Beach School District.

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