Saint Andrew's Interdisciplinary Black History Art Show

Black Inspirations, an interdisciplinary art show, is a project between the Honors Drawing, IB Visual Art HL/SL Year 1, and the African American History and Literature classes that feature examples of Black excellence from the early-20th century. 

The show highlights an exhibition of presentations created by the Upper School African American History and Literature class. Students from this class researched a Black person from the early-20th century who demonstrated excellence in spite of the social, political, and economic characteristics of the Jim Crow era. 

The Honors Drawing students used the research and presentations as inspiration and created an artistic response to several of the pieces that were featured in the work of the students in African-American History and Literature.

Finally, the IB Visual Art HL/SL students then took all of the work that was created in the other two classes and had the honor of curating the exhibition. 

Their combined goal is to highlight the importance of Black Excellence in the early-20th century as a source of inspiration for all students in the early 21st century. With this exhibition, they wish to celebrate Black culture and hope all people can learn from and be inspired by the work of students at Saint Andrew’s School.

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