SA Alumni Share a Week of Gifts and Community in Chapel

Saint Andrew’s enjoyed a week of community, humor, and fun as students and faculty celebrated Spirit Week, which kicks off what is sure to be a great football game for our Scots vs. Spanish River on Oct. 1. This week, students in all divisions participated in special Alumni Spirit Week chapel services across divisions, with visits from Alumni Nicholas Metropulos ’17, Andrew Kravit ’98, and Louis Green ’93.
The beautiful chapel services, officiated by The Rev. Dr. David Taylor and Associate Chaplain Faye Somers, centered around the importance of giving one's talents and gifts. In a number of ways, the alumni shared their interpretations of gifts and the ways in which Saint Andrew’s encouraged them as students and, for two alumni, their children, who are the second generations of Scots in each man’s families.

The special event ran in coordination with Saint Andrew’s Alumni Office. “We are thrilled to have our alumni back on campus” said Alumni Development Officer Victor Agapay. “Their values and work in the community represent what it means to be a Scot, every day.”
Nicholas Metropulos, Executive Director of Marine Education Initiative (MEI), shared that his passion for others and for valuing hard work enabled him to pursue many community projects, such as MEI, which is an environmental education nonprofit based in Boca Raton that brings community members together to harvest and package the greens that grow in an aquaponics farm.
Andrew Kravit, who was introduced by his sons, CJ ’30 and Hunter ’33, used the acronym, GIFT, to present the gifts he has received from SA—Gratitude, Identity, Framily (friends who are as close as family), and Time management. “I consider Saint Andrew’s home,” he said “I still stay in touch with 20 families of friends I graduated with and we are still great friends.”
Louis Green said his experience at Saint Andrew’s was a tremendous gift to him and to his son, Lex ’28, who introduced his father.
“I have great memories of Saint Andrew’s,” said Louis Green, who was an Upper School student when SA student leaders reinstituted the honor system. “Every time I hear bagpipes and see red plaid shirts, I think of my school, my friends, my teachers, coaches, memories." He encouraged all students to say a prayer every day for having the opportunity to attend SA.
“Instead of talking about who inspires us, think about what you are doing to make a difference and inspire others? Who are you inspiring?”
Green concluded his address with powerful words about the reason for his family’s choice of Saint Andrew’s for Lex.
“There are 13,000 middle schools in the United States,” he said. “What makes Saint Andrew’s special is that it is a place of personal growth. Here, at Saint Andrew’s, you have the resources to figure out who you want to be, and a community that believes in you.”

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