Rising Seniors Participate in National Economics Program

August 16, 2021

Saint Andrew's School is proud to announce that two rising seniors recently participated in a week-long economics program. 
William Peck and Ashley Kelly delved, this summer, into the live, virtual Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) program, which featured seminars led by professors from universities, such as Yale, George Mason, and Wake Forest, to name a few. 
Peck and Kelly applied to participate in the prestigious program in the spring of 2021. They were selected based on a competitive application project that required them to participate in virtual workshops, conduct research, complete presentations and assignments, and delve into discussions with other participants throughout the country. Throughout the week, the students focused on the study of poverty, scarcity, and demand.

Peck, who said he is now interested in studying economics in college, added that he feels well situated to take macro/micro economics at Saint Andrew’s. Peck said his summer studies found him reading journalistic articles on how economics was affecting the global marketplace. 
“My biggest takeaway is that it is important to understand the economy and how it affects everything,” said Peck. “It’s all around us and what happens and each country is affected differently by it.”

Kelly, who said she applied to participate in Economics for Leaders to further her knowledge in economics and improve her leadership abilities, said she most enjoyed her case study work in small groups to solve an economic issue. 

“We were introduced to new topics in a morning lecture and then asked to work together to find solutions to an issue relating to the topic of the lecture,” said Kelly, adding that she worked with professors from several colleges, including Yale and George Mason University. 
Saint Andrew’s School Economics Teacher Gabe Toth said the program, which is usually residential and in-person but had to shift to a virtual program in response to social-distancing measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, provided students in high school with an exceptional opportunity to learn important economic and leadership skills.
"The Economics For Leaders program does a great deal to improve our students' economic reasoning—a vital skill in a world characterized by market forces—as well as their leadership abilities," said Toth. "Although the interaction was virtual, our students enjoyed meeting bright, inquisitive, and energetic high school students from around the country.”
Saint Andrew’s is pleased to have students who are selected for this highly competitive opportunity. Typically, only one out of five applicants is accepted to the program. 

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