Saint Andrew’s Celebrates 54th Annual Cum Laude Induction Ceremony

The mission of Saint Andrew’s School is to educate students in mind, body, and spirit, and the school’s dedication to the life of the mind was on full display at the 54th annual Cum Laude Induction Ceremony. Held in-person and live-streamed on April 26, 2021, at the Chapel of St. Andrew, SA’s chapter of The Cum Laude Society inducted 32 junior and senior scholars into its ranks in honor of their outstanding academic achievements. 
Together with Head of School Ethan Shapiro and Head of Upper School Dr. Gregg Good, the faculty members of The Cum Laude Society, offered their congratulations and encouraged these stellar young scholars to continue to allow their intellectual curiosity to drive their search for knowledge. During the ceremony, students also enjoyed a speech by guest faculty speaker Dr. Joseph Mendes and a musical guitar rendering of the Beatles’ song, Here Comes the Sun, by Mr. Martinez.
The Cum Laude Society, a national independent school honor society, was founded in 1906 and established at Saint Andrew’s School in 1968. Honoring scholastic achievement and qualities of excellence, justice, and honor in secondary schools, induction in Cum Laude is the highest academic honor awarded by Saint Andrew’s School. Students are selected from among the top 10% and  20% of the junior and senior classes, respectively, and must have at least a minimum of a 4.2 weighted GPA. Juniors must also have a minimum 3.80 unweighted GPA and seniors must have a 3.65 unweighted GPA for the last three semesters to be considered. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence, students are expected to demonstrate qualities of honor and justice.
Saint Andrew’s School proudly congratulates both our current members and new inductees:

Cum Laude Members
April 2021

Members, Class of 2021New Members, Class of 2021
Anatasiya CohenTara Bathaii
Csenge DarnyiJordan Brady
Rita DiCarloLandon Brody
*Tyson Hammer (Ty)
Lucas Fernandes
Alexander Kino*Liam Helie
Maxwell Levinson (Max)Nicolas Horowitz
*Jacob LowenEmily Husken
*Haley MeisterIsabella Kamholtz (Bella)
Kate MicallefAndrew Klimek
Ian NobleNathan Lamm
*Claire NottmanEleazar Martin
Chad RubinTimothy Martin
*Matthew RussoLucas Walsh
Ellis ShortKiara Wilson
Andrew TraficanteLetian Wu
*Eleanor Tymorek (Ellie) *Nicole Zanchetta
Xinran Zhang (Cynthia)
New Members, Class of 2022
Ellen Ashley
Blake Birkins
*Sabrina Brown
*Elle Cutler
David Fleming
Ashley Forkey
Rebecca Friedman
Lucas Gorup
Niamh Harding
Tairan Liu
Blake Menin
Dylan Rogers
Jack Rogers
*Anthony Scuderi
*Alexa Shumway
Max Silverstein
* Saint Andrew’s Distinguished Scholars

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