Join us Virtually for the Upper School Fall Play A New Commedia dell'Arte - October 9-11

Saint Andrew's Performing Arts is delighted to announce the performance of young love and thrilling antics involving fruit and vegetables as we present the Upper School Fall play, A New Commedia dell'Arte. Under the guidance of Director of Performing Arts Laurie Riffe, Director Dr. Mandy Albert, and with Scenic and Sound design support from Mr. Haubrich, we welcome you to join us virtually for this Livestream event. A New Commedia dell'Arte opens Friday, October 9, 2020, at 5:30 pm. Click here to Livestream opening night! The play will be performed in the Dully Family Performing Arts Center Outdoor Theater. In the event of rain, the production will take place in the FOA Lobby. 
Upper School Fall Play - A New Commedia dell'Arte 
Friday, October 9, 2020
5:30 pm
Saturday, October 10, 2020
3:00 pm
Sunday, October 11, 2020
3:00 pm
Ever wondered about where Shakespeare, Moliere, and Goldoni got the ideas for their classic comedies? Ever thought about where 21st-century sitcoms and rom-com's come from? Saint Andrew’s School welcomes you to our virtual playhouse where we will dig deep into the roots of comedy, inspired by a traditional Italian Renaissance form in which performers play masked “stock characters” who get into all sorts of wacky hijinks together.  
This play is like no other play you've seen at Saint Andrew's School. We have taken our characters and their basic personalities from the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte: a form of improvised stage comedy that comes from Renaissance-era Italy. The masks several of the actors will wear during the performance also come from that tradition, as different mask faces denote different characters, personalities, or social classes. However, aside from those elements, A New Commedia dell'Arte is a play created from scratch. Our actors wrote a scenario set during a plague, which provides an in-universe explanation for the face coverings our actors wear, plus the fact that they never touch each other. What's more, they have improvised almost all of their dialogue, movements, and other interactions, which means that no two performances are quite alike.  
Director Amanda Albert visited Brugues in Belgium and fell in love with the Medieval feel of the city. As Commedia Dell'arte was popular from the 16th to the18th century,
she chose to use it as a backdrop for the play. “One of the acts takes place on either side of a river, so I chose a vista of Brugues that reflected that,” said Guy Haubrich, Saint Andrew’s School’s Theater Manager. “I painted the scene a little imperfect to give levity to the surroundings that take to the comedic, farce nature of the play,” he added. 
Saint Andrew’s School is proud of Saint Andrew’s Upper School cast and crew. Please join us for this unique production - a comedic production not to miss!
Student Company

Grace Alba- Colombina
Caroline Casper- Arlecchino
Sophia Gisonda- Pedrolino 
Tyson Hammer- Il Capitano 
Evelyn Health-Ninetta (the Innamorata)
Boris Rykov- Leandro (the Innamorato)
Leadership Team:
Addison Saltz- Assistant Director
Nathan Lamm-Production Stage Manager
Maxwell Levinson- Assistant Stage Manager

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