Tylaah George ’23 Publishes Personal Story on Award-winning Teen Health and Wellness Online Database

Saint Andrew’s is proud to acknowledge Tylaah George for the publication of her personal story on the Teen Health and Wellness database. The award-winning Teen Health and Wellness online resource offers teens an opportunity to share their personal stories about COVID-19 for publication. 

Tylaah’s History teacher, Mr. Rivera posted a homework task that inspired Tylaah to not only use the online database, but also to become a published author. 
“Right now, we are living through a truly historic moment,” stated Mr. Rivera. “The task I assigned asked students to put themselves into the role as an eyewitness to history,” he added.
Mr. Rivera’s assignment was designed authentically. “Your thoughts and feelings about the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 will be of great interest to historians one hundred years from now,” he wrote. “Therefore, your assignment is to author a primary source, reflecting on your recent experience. Imagine you are writing to Saint Andrew’s students in the year 2120. What would you like them to understand about this historic moment?”
Mr. Rivera offered the opportunity for students to submit their writing for publication in the Teen Health database as an option. 

SA librarians play a critical role in providing teachers knowledge of the kind of support databases can provide.  “The library databases are invaluable learning tools for Saint Andrew’s students, and I am glad that Tylaah took advantage of this unique opportunity with the Teen Health and Wellness database,” said Deborah Martin-Gull, Middle School Librarian. 

“The databases are widely used by teachers and students to maintain high-quality information for lessons and projects. As in the case of Mr. Rivera and his assignment, the databases often pay a role in teacher planning of projects and lessons,” she said. 

“Additionally, students not only complete assignments by relying on information from the databases, but students can continue to explore areas of personal interest,” she added.

Teen Health and Wellness by Rosen is a helpful site for academic research on physical and mental health from experts. Students can pursue personal questions and know they are getting facts from doctors and experts, without relying on second-hand information from friends online.

Saint Andrew’s students and faculty, with guidance from librarians, have completed over 3,000 different searches this year using just the Teen Health & Wellness database - showing with this one online resource that there are so many advantages to online databases for the academic enrichment of the school community.

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