Pedro Cardieri Monteiro ’21 Pounds Pavement & Serves His Community In Brazil

Junior Pedro Cardieri Monteiro, a boarding student at SA, has been spending his distance learning days in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where he has parlayed his spare time into a meaningful and important community service project. Nearly every morning, Pedro joins neighborhood volunteers to assist in mosquito abatement, ultimately reducing incidents of Dengue Fever, a mosquito-borne disease currently compounding the coronavirus crisis in Brazil. 
Donning protective masks and employing other safety precautions, the volunteers scour the community for standing water and other habitats that are attractive to mosquitos. Potential breeding conditions are located, documented, and submitted to the owners of the various properties. 
Pedro reminds us that while the focus has clearly been on COVID-19, Brazil ignores the ongoing Dengue dilemma at their own peril. 
When not volunteering for the greater good, Pedro has been able to keep up with his studies and maintain pace with his peers as if he were still in his second home of Boca Raton. In this interview, Pedro not only models Saint Andrew’s spirit of service, but also shares his charm, intelligence, and grace with all those willing to watch. Go Scots!

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