Kenza Henouda ’21 Creates Online platform GreenPlanetLegacy to support Environmental Charities

Kenza Henouda ’21 has created an impressive online platform to support environmental charities. Her website is called and she connects and posts via Instagram @greenplanetlegacy.

Kenza originally developed her voice and talent as a writer for her mother’s magazine Timeless Mag in a section called Green Planet. The section includes various articles focusing on nature preservation. Because the magazine is only released twice a year, Kenza was motivated to have a greater opportunity to express her passion and share her writing. 

“With my mom’s help, I was able to create a website where my blog and articles are published,” said Kenza. Kenza’s goal is to inspire and encourage businesses and individuals to donate funds directly to approved non-profit environmental organizations. 

Kenza has been inspired by Saint Andrew’s in her development as a writer and ability to take action. “One of my junior year electives was Journalism taught by Ms. Faber,” said Kenza. 

In Journalism, students like Kenza learn how to compose various types of articles such as interviews, reviews, and features. “Taking Journalism enriched my ability to write articles and pursue my passions through my writing,” added Kenza. 

Not only do students learn writing skills, but they also have opportunities to develop a global mindset. “Saint Andrew’s School makes sure that all students are aware of what is happening globally - from the Australian wildfires to COVID-19 and even presidential elections,” she said. “Because I am aware of the majority of the events happening around the world, it motivates me to spread the word beyond the SA community,” she added. 

Kenza recognizes that her developing the platform Green Planet Legacy has not been a solo journey, and that’s the point.  Not only is she enthusiastic about sharing these pursuits with fellow Scots, but she also hopes to inspire others throughout the world to establish a new legacy - a green planet legacy. 

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