Generous Gifts Provide Financial Resources to Begin Renovation of Henderson Hall/Parker Library

Saint Andrew’s School is pleased to announce leadership gift commitments from three members of our Saint Andrew's community. These gifts, all of which are anonymous, will provide the financial resources to begin the renovation of Henderson Hall/Parker Library, which is prominently located on the Upper School Campus. 

Once complete, Henderson Hall will be an impressive learning space and research center totaling close to 8,500 square feet. The Parker Library is designed to provide much-needed collaborative spaces for project-based work, flexible and fluid learning spaces, math and writing labs, and library resources supported by a professional library media specialist. 

Parker Library and its related facilities will serve not just as a traditional repository of established knowledge but as the stimulating, interactive point of contact for students to make with emerging thought and culture patterns across the world. 

In addition to retaining book stacks and quiet study locations of a traditional academic library, this bold new concept envisions many innovative, technology-rich, interactive opportunities that will position students for success in a rapidly-evolving twenty-first-century landscape. On the library’s first floor, students will be able to work together in groups large and small, in closed or open spaces, and with or without visualization technology to support school projects they may be pursuing. The library will provide direct digital access to worldwide resources and will connect students to remote locations via web-based technology.

As part of the blueprint, Henderson Hall will operate in tandem with the adjacent Dr. Albert Cohen Family Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The two facilities will form a consolidated learning resource hub offering students a potent array of pedagogical tools. Inherent in our planning has been to honor the historical significance of Henderson Hall, which was built in 1962, and to celebrate the return of the library to its original home - an important milestone in our school’s history. 

This project will commence in Spring 2020 with a target opening date of Fall 2021. To minimize disruption to student life, the largest phase of construction will take place during the summer. Additionally and importantly, the school can now direct efforts to secure funding for other significant elements of the Master Campus Plan, such as the renovation and modernization of Building 6 and Rooks Hall, both of which house Upper School classrooms.

Saint Andrew’s School is inspired by the partnership and support of these families, their trust in the school, and their extraordinary generosity.

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