Discover the Fall Adventures of the MS Round Square Club - a Coastal Cleanup, Canoe Trip, and More!

As leaders in the Round Square movement, the Middle School Round Square Club at SA has been at the forefront of creating opportunities to enrich themselves, and others. While highest-profile Round Square events tend to be international travel excursions, there have also been tremendous opportunities throughout the fall for students to explore the Round Square tenets in the Greater Boca Raton area. 

In the past few months alone, the Middle School Round Square club participated in service at the International Coastal Cleanup and a tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Additionally, students accessed the Round Square IDEALS of adventure and environmentalism during a canoe trip through the trails of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

Students developed the idea for the canoe trip during a fall club meeting knowing that participating in Round Square is as much about cultivating adventure and stepping outside comfort zones as it is about international travel. Several of the students in the club had never canoed before which made this an exciting new experience for many. Participating club members were briefed on safety procedures and paddling techniques before venturing out into the expansive Everglades habitat. Students glided through the waters while appreciating the dense glades and the seemingly endless bird species. Heavy winds made the paddling more physically challenging than anticipated, but the added obstacle served to spark an evolving tenacity in students, igniting their spirits and hardening their resolve to complete the trail.

In contrast to the canoe maneuvering excursion, Round Square students embarked on a behind the scenes tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center. During a weekly club meeting in advance of the visit, club members discussed both the positives and negatives of the tech giant’s reach, which helped to give greater depth and context to their upcoming tour. 

The students enjoyed their visit to the Amazon Fulfillment Center and marveled at how robotics and good old-fashioned manual labor work together to make the warehouse tick. Walking past scores of electronics, toiletries, foodstuffs, and thousands of assorted consumer products, Scots were in awe of the scope of the facility. They were absolutely astounded when they learned that the “MIA Fulfillment Center,” which is the size of 6 football fields, is only one of nearly 100 similar facilities in North America alone. The next time these Scots head online to make a purchase, they will have a true appreciation for what happens in the moments between “click” and "delivered.”

Saint Andrew’s Middle School welcomes new members each week to the Round Square club. If any student is interested in joining, please reach out to co-advisors Jason Glick, Director of Student Life, and Middle School teacher, Octavia Pereyra.

For those who have never heard of Round Square and why Saint Andrew’s chose to become Global Members in 2011, please watch the following introductory video to learn more about Round Square.

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