Avery Stark ’21 Chosen to Headline her TED Talk on Big NYC Stage at TED-Ed Conference

In New York City, on the TED stage, 15 students from around the world will present their impressive big ideas to thousands of students and teachers. These students’ TED talks were chosen among tens of thousands of others - and Scot Avery Stark ‘21 is one of those 15 keynote speakers at TED-Ed Weekend! 

The TED-Ed Team saw her talk “The Outside of Trauma - How I Moved Ahead from Parkland” and loved it. They invited her to present her talk at the upcoming TED-Ed Weekend event at TED Headquarters in NYC on February 8, 2020. TED-Ed Weekend is a special event that celebrates student voices from around the world through TED-Ed Student Talks. 

During TED-Ed Weekend, Avery will get this unique opportunity to participate with this select group of Student Talk Members as they take over the TED theater to present their live talks, participate in activities, and hang out with other Student Talk Members from across the globe. “We think you’d be a fantastic representative of TED-Ed Student Talks and hope you’ll help us shape the next generation of ideas worth spreading by sharing your idea on stage in NYC,” offered The TED-ED team in a letter to Avery. 

This is the second year Scots take a leadership role at the TED-Ed conference. Last year, one of the distinguished guest speakers was former Saint Andrew’s student Esha Alwani. 

“When Mrs. Winer told me I was selected, I started to cry. I am so happy to be given this opportunity to speak in front of teens from around the world who share a common interest in learning and a love of TED-Ed,” said Avery Stark. “When I began to write my talk in January of 2019, I could not pick a topic. Every day, I made a different speech about a different message and every time I ended up going back to the talk I shared in April about Parkland,” she added.
“Though the topic is extremely difficult to talk about, it is important to share the message to not only my peers but people from all over the world.”

Early on in the TED-Ed class last year, Avery read a draft of her talk about Parkland, and her peers were so moved - many to tears. That’s when her classmates implored Avery that this topic was one that she had to share. Avery was not at MSD on February 14, 2018, but her sisters were - and she lost friends that she had known since childhood.

The TED talk that Avery will share on the NYC TED stage is emotional and vulnerable. It provides the perspective of being a former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and outlines the trauma and its damaging toll on those involved first and second hand. The talk also offers strategies for moving ahead and beyond trauma. 

“Avery’s talk is raw and real. Sadly, in the world we live in today, her message is very relatable. I’m sure she was chosen not just due to her talk, but also due to her incredible presentation at TEDxSaintAndrewsSchool. It was not an easy topic to talk about, yet she delivered it calmly and confidently,” offered said Lisa Winer, Upper School TED Teacher and certified TED-Ed Innovative Educator.

Saint Andrew’s is proud to have four additional students attending this year’s conference - each of whom gave talks at the 2019 TEDxSaintAndrewsSchool event last April. These students include Jake Goldberg ’21, Jack Rogers ’22, Ashlyn Goila ’21, and Evie Heath ’23. 

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