HOLA Brings Scots Together with Celebrations of Hispanic Culture

The Hispanic Organization of Latinx in Action (HOLA) club has organized several exciting events that have brought students together in September and October. HOLA is a club that is run by a committed group of students including, President Amaia Arizmendi ’21, Co-Vice President Aura Manueco ’20, Co-Vice President Arianna Arizmendi ’23, and Senior Rep. Camila Ferreira ’20, as well as club advisor and Spanish teacher Marta Guevara. 

“HOLA is meant to provide students with a deeper understanding of what it means to be Hispanic,” said Amaia. HOLA accomplishes this goal by spreading cultural awareness through fun events. 

On Tuesday, October 8, the club organized “Spanish chat rooms” with the assistance of Upper School Spanish teachers. 

People who take Spanish, as well as native speakers, helped those students who were eager to use conversational Spanish better during this “chat room” experience. This was designed as a time for students to develop their speaking skills.

“One of the best things was to see the advanced students become teachers. These students really enjoyed sharing their knowledge and showed they really cared about helping their peers learn better conversational Spanish,” offered Ms. Guevara. 

Last Thursday, October 17, the group enjoyed Latin dance classes with the help of Ms. Laura Davis Leighton, Lower School Spanish teacher. “The experience brought from Lower, Middle, and Upper School together through a love of Latin dance. We learned different types of dances such as Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, and more,” said Amaia. 

HOLA events continued on Tuesday, October 15, as HOLA held their first soccer community gathering with the assistance of the Athletics Department and Math teacher Ari Stoler. Soccer is a loved sport in many countries, and throughout Latin America, which is part of what inspired this event.

“I knew SA has a close-knit group of people who all share the same passion for soccer and this would be an opportunity for these players to showcase their strong soccer skills,” said Amaia.

The soccer event was open to everybody in the Upper School, not only members of the HOLA club. “I think we were able to inspire new members to join HOLA just from the soccer event,” she added. 

Later in the year, the HOLA club is planning to put together a cooking class and a community service activity. They are also excited to have more soccer nights and chat rooms. 


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