Five Middle School Scots Showcased the Best of MYP at the MUN Conference in Punta Gorda, Florida

The Model United Nations (MUN) is a school activity in which students act as delegates to the United Nations and take part in simulations of UN committees. On October 11-13, 2019, five Middle School students and MUN club advisor Liz Mulligan attended the Florida Middle School Model United Nations Gulf Coast training conference in Punta Gorda, Florida. The Middle School Model UN students who attended were Sean Alba ’25, Kristen Eatough ’26, Quinlan Morse ’26, Katherine Shumway ’24, and Alyssa Thomas ’25. 

At the FMSMUN GC 7 conference, the Saint Andrew’s delegation served on several committees including Security Council, United Nations General Assembly 1, and World Health Organization: Disease Control in Humanitarian Emergencies. Students tackled topics such as the situation in Libya, ending the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, (SALWs) and disease control in humanitarian emergencies. 

Saint Andrew’s Middle School has been participating in MUN for several years. Still, this year’s conference had a unique impact on students as one that connected deeply with the school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) teachings. The IB/MYP Program unites so many of the lessons and learnings at the Middle School.

“I was pleased to see how much this MUN trip correlated with the school’s IB/MYP program,” said Ms. Mulligan. “The strongest alignment had to do with IB’s learner profiles and attitudes,” she added. 

During the FMSMUN GC 7 conference, while serving on their MUN committee, Sean, Kristen, Quinlan, Katherine, and Alyssa quickly recognized and noted that they were able to put the principles of the IB profiles into practice. Individually, Quin felt that in the committee sessions, he improved his ability as a communicator as he was required to make a speech to sponsor a bill that he felt strongly about having passed. Being a “communicator” is just one of several IB Learner Profiles. 

MUN’s alignment with the IB profiles and attitudes included being “reflective, open-minded, principled, and thinkers.” Alyssa acknowledged that she had to be reflective and open-minded as she worked collaboratively to create resolutions to improve life for Libyan citizens. Katherine described the conference as a unique opportunity to expand on her skills of being principled by taking the initiative to guide students from around the state to do what is right for the world community. For Kristen, her committee was tasked with examining unfamiliar disease outbreaks, which required her to be a thinker! 

Sean, first-time conference attendee, spoke with conviction about how the MUN experience challenged his ability to be a risk-taker - another worthwhile IB learner profile. “I was proud to see that Sean exercised his courage to defend ideas in a new and unfamiliar setting,” mused Ms. Mulligan. 

Saint Andrew’s School is proud to have sent students to such an impactful Model United Nations conference this year, where they were empowered to use IB learner profile skills to debate and negotiate about real-world global problems.

“All of the delegates agreed that they grew as a result of their participation at the conference and had an incredibly fun time on the trip,” offered Ms. Mulligan. 

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