Addison Saltz '21 Script Chosen For Professional Reading at a Festival in Miami

From Stranger Things to Marvel movies, there are so many ways Scots take a break from the sun for some screen time this summer. And behind every acclaimed show or movie, there’s a talented group of writers creating fantastic dramas, nail-biting moments, and suspenseful plot twists. Saint Andrew’s is proud to celebrate the talent of one of its very own amazing writers - Addison Saltz ’21. 

This summer, Addison achieved top recognition for her screenplay, “The Right Way.” The Fantasy Theatre Factory in Miami Florida chose Addison’s work out of many submissions to be a part of the South Florida Theatre League's Student Stages of the Sun Professional Readings on July 1, 2019.  

Addison wrote this play as part of her Honors Drama Final last spring. Her teacher encouraged several drama students to submit to the festival, and by early summer, Addison was delighted to hear of her play’s selection. 

“The Right Way” has a boldly creative plot and a cast of unexpected characters. The premise of the play is a conversation between a girl’s left brain and right brain as she goes on a first date.

 “When thinking about someone’s left brain versus their right brain, there are certain stereotypes that come to mind,” said Addison. “We think of our left brain as very analytical and cold, whereas our right brain is fun, loving, and kind,” she added. 

After Addison had the ideas for her characters, she wrote the basic storyline: Right Brain asks Left Brain questions, Left Brain gets annoyed and yells, Right Brain gets upset, Left Brain comforts Right Brain, everyone lives happily ever after.

Addison is honored to have had her play chosen. She is excited to continue to use the ideas and lessons she has learned throughout the entire process of writing, submitting, and professional reading of “The Right Way” to help further her knowledge of theater in South Florida. 

“With a newfound appreciation for playwrights, I will definitely continue to write scenes and plays,” commented Addison. 

Without a doubt, Addison is a superior screenwriter rivaling those behind the scenes on Netflix and Hulu. Saint Andrew’s is proud of her accomplishments and looks forward to many more brilliantly composed encores next year and beyond. 

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