Honors Grade 8 Science Students Present Scientific Passions in Culminating Projects

Carl Sagan, an American astronomer, cosmologist, professor, and science author said that science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. Honors grade 8 students have gotten to experience the meaning of these wise words first hand when they created their Science Passion Projects recently. These projects are a culmination of research and investigation into an area of science about which each student has a strong interest or “passion.”  

On Tuesday, May 7 and Thursday, May 9, the grade 8 honors students presented their honors passion projects to fellow students, faculty, and administration in the Schmitt Family Library. But their journey began months ago as students were encouraged to choose a topic, conduct research, and present initial findings to Middle School Faculty Stacy O’Connell and Deborah Martin-Gull for feedback. Students were helped along the way on the critical stage of finding research for their projects by Mrs. Martin-Gull. The project culminated with the preparation of a "TED-like" talk on a science topic of choice.

Stacy O’Connell was thrilled to give these high achieving and highly motivated honor grade 8 students the opportunity to explore a personal interest that may not be the focus of the curriculum. “They have the opportunity to investigate what personally interests them and delve into the science behind their passion,” said Mrs. O’Connell.

The value of this learning experience went far beyond passion and delved into an authentic process of learning. “I am proud to see that students show curiosity and natural inquiry skills, a hallmark of the MYP program, in this project that encourages self-expression,” said Mrs. O’Connell.

Please congratulate these grade 8 Scots for their hard work on their Honors Science Passion Projects:

Jeremy Shook - Glioblastomas
Bradley Shapiro - How Animals Communicate 
Erin Miller - Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
Jack Ewen - Screens and Developing Brains
Matt Aronsohn - Coral Bleaching
Kylie Neuman - Sleep deprivation and Alzheimer’s
Wellesley Papagni - Increasing Cosmic Radiation
Kema Rugara - Humans contribute to Ocean Noise in Dramatic Ways
Portia Papagni - The Role of REM Sleep in Memory Loss
Linda Saraniti - The Science of the Swing
Nina Morgan - Earworms
Jesse Rosen -Black Holes
Bobby Kaplan - Lyme Disease
Bruno Gomes - Dyson Sphere
Jack DiDonna - Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis
Jake Stevens - Zooxanthellae
Layken Thau - Tennis Injuries
Ella Weisz - Nut Allergies
Ellie Goldsmith - Sports Specialization
Manci Pal - Steps to Solving a Universal Mystery

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