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Saint Andrew's Homecoming carnival rides and festivities

Special Events

Special events play a crucial role in supporting the mission and vision of Saint Andrew's School. These events provide a unique opportunity for the school community, parents, alumni, and friends to come together, celebrate, and contribute to the continued success of the institution. By organizing special events, Saint Andrew's not only raises funds but also fosters a sense of camaraderie, strengthens relationships, and builds a vibrant network of supporters.

Steaksman dinner fundraiser

Vibrant Network of Supporters

These events create a platform for the community to connect and allows the school to expand its reach beyond traditional avenues of philanthropy, attracting new donors and engaging them in meaningful ways. The funds raised through these events enable Saint Andrew's to enhance academic programs, provide scholarships, invest in cutting-edge technology, and enrich the overall student experience. Moreover, special events serve as an invaluable opportunity for the school to showcase its achievements and reinforce its commitment to excellence, inspiring individuals to join in the collective effort of shaping the future of education.

Special Event Opportunities

Each year, there are a number of opportunities to bring the extended Saint Andrew’s School community together for community-building and fundraising events.

Saint Andrew's student with her art and grandparents at Grandparents day