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Students walk at the end of the school day


Building an endowment at Saint Andrew's School holds paramount importance in securing the institution's long-term financial stability and ensuring its continued excellence in education. An endowment provides a perpetual source of income that supports critical programs, scholarships, faculty development, and other essential initiatives. 


Make a lasting impact

As we plan for the future of Saint Andrew’s, a top priority is to grow the school’s endowment. This will provide the school with the resources needed to expand Financial Aid and Faculty Excellence programs, alleviate pressure from the operating budget so that tuition remains reasonable and competitive, and ensure that the school is in a strong and sustainable financial position for future generations. As of January 2023, the school’s endowment is approximately $25 million. 

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Financial Aid

The school’s financial aid endowment funds contribute to the over $3.4 million distributed to more than 182 qualified students each year (approximately 14% of the student body) to help make a Saint Andrew’s education financially feasible. A principal goal is to increase the financial aid endowment relieving the operating budget so that Saint Andrew’s continues to compete for the highest quality applicants, supports a diverse community, and further improves the quality of education for all.

Faculty Excellence

Saint Andrew’s faculty are exceptional educators as well as experts in their fields; they challenge students to reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence. Faculty care deeply about students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development and go above and beyond to help students achieve their educational goals. One of the hallmarks of great educational institutions is endowed faculty positions and funds that attract, develop, and retain talented faculty as well as students and create a dynamic intellectual culture on campus.

Students walk at the end of the school day

Membership to the A.D. and Lucy Henderson Legacy Society

All donors who make a gift of $100,000+ towards the endowment become members of the The A.D. and Lucy Henderson Legacy Society, and serve as true partners with the Head of School and Board of Trustees to make a tremendous impact in the life of the school for generations to come. An endowment gift remains in perpetuity and provides a lasting source of support for Saint Andrew’s.

Please contact Director of Institutional Advancement Felicia Allard Smith at to learn more about endowment giving opportunities.