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Chemistry Passes Boiling Test

With the support of the Annual Fund, Chemistry classes at SA pass the boiling test! 
Chemistry is at the heart of issues facing the world today such as the need to discover life-saving medicines, alternatives to plastics, and solutions for pollution. Chemistry students at SA do so much more than ponder over how to solve these problems; rather, they make discoveries and learn processes during interactive Chemistry labs. Adorned with safety goggles, aprons, and gloves, students engage in scientific lab experiments in Chemistry not because they are fun (though they are fun!) but because the BEST way to learn Chemistry is through experimentation in active labs. 

Students begin the process of experimentation in Chemistry by learning imperative lab safety skills. They move on to learn how to manipulate equipment such as Bunsen burners, gas outlets, and methane flames safely. Students in AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry take their use of technical equipment even further through the use of highly sophisticated instruments such as a spectrophotometer, a centrifuge, and a micropipet. Saint Andrew’s has two spectrophotometers - devices which measure the amount of photons (the intensity of light) absorbed after it passes through a sample solution. Saint Andrew’s students have the benefit of advanced college level chemistry procedures such as spectrophotometry. 

As Chemistry students prepare to head off to college, they do so with skills learned in college level labs, and with the distinct advantage of having used a spectrophotometer, a centrifuge and a micropipet - technical mechanisms that provide essential preliminary experience for future work in pre-med programs, and scientific studies, and entrepreneurship.

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