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Sweet Opportunities for Learning

Annual Fund creates sweet opportunities for learning for Scots as they partner with the award-winning SAGE Dining Services.

Adorned in mini-aprons and chef’s hats, JK students culminate their PYP Unit of Inquiry about the five senses with this exciting and delicious hands-on activity. After weeks of learning about the ive
senses, the children have this unique opportunity to integrate all of the senses as they measure, pour, mix, and knead challah bread. With each roll of the dough, students create an imperative understanding that the best kind of learning happens when several sensory experiences come together in a learning moment. SAGE is an exceptional partner in helping JK teachers create this interactive learning experience. What students love the most is that they are able to take home a freshly baked challah loaf--one that they made with their own hands, and senses--ready to share with their families.

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