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Whether writing for a literary magazine, raising awareness for a cause, learning about a culture, coding, pursuing interests in mathematics or robotics, our students discover there is something for everyone at Saint Andrew’s.

Club Day students posing

Expanding Horizons

Saint Andrew’s offers students a wide range of opportunities for extracurricular participation. We believe that clubs and activities help students expand their horizons and explore their academic, personal, and professional potential. They enable students to sharpen crucial skills and develop knowledge and talents outside the classroom. These student-driven collaborative activities are a great platform for leadership training and render involvement as important as results. They allow students to be stimulated by new ideas and ways of thinking, provide a sense of accomplishment, and encourage team spirit.

Please note that our clubs/organizations list changes each year and that this list may not be comprehensive of all of our student efforts.

There are more than 50 student clubs and organizations to have fun and get involved in the following categories:




Service/Social Action


World Cultures/Languages

If we don’t offer a certain club, by all means, start it!