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Varsity Cross Country

Cross Country race
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Athletics Roster

Name Position Class
Ariana Alb 2026
William Beighley 2028
Elan Beker 2028
Erin Cabrera-Hock 2028
Sophie Chew 2025
Lucas Collard 2027
Anne Farrell 2025
Olivia Gisonda 2025
Gabriela Gouveia 2025
Lane Harrison 2026
Maja Hval-Thomsen 2025
Constantine Kanarios 2026
Sofiia Kitsul 2026
Alejandro Mora 2026
Vittorio Pin-Mariotto 2026
Sean Silverman 2025
Lydia Taylor 2024
Maxx Viciedo 2027
Jack Walsh 2026
Samuel Walsh 2024

Head Coach:  John O'Connell

Assistant Coach:  Stacey O'Connell 

Assistant Coach:  Alex Prieto

The varsity cross country team at Saint Andrew's School is a highly competitive and disciplined group of athletes who are passionate about running. 

They train extensively to improve their endurance, speed, and mental toughness, under the guidance of experienced coaches. The team competes against other top schools from around the state and the country, and has a strong record of success.

They run on a variety of courses, from rugged trails to open fields, and are always pushing themselves to new heights. The varsity cross country team at Saint Andrew's School is a testament to the school's commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for its students, and to nurturing the competitive spirit of its athletes.

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Whether it's in collegiate sports professional athletics, or other areas of life, Saint Andrew's alumni have demonstrated exceptional talent, resilience, and leadership. Their achievements serve as a testament to our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and athletically.

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