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Varsity Cheerleading - Winter

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The varsity cheerleading team at Saint Andrew's School is a highly skilled and dedicated group of athletes who are passionate about their sport.

The team performs at a variety of school events, including football and basketball games, and competitions against other schools. The team practices on a regular basis, working hard to develop their skills and techniques, as well as perfecting their routines. The varsity cheerleading team at Saint Andrew's School is known for their enthusiasm, spirit, and support for their fellow athletes.

The team is committed to promoting a positive school culture, promoting healthy habits, and fostering teamwork and sportsmanship among its members. The varsity cheerleading team at Saint Andrew's School is a vital part of the school's athletic program and its success is a point of pride for the entire school community.

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Athletics Roster

Name Class
Blake Alise 2027
Liliana Alise 2025
Rio Austin-Greene 2026
Sophie Bogen 2024
Anna Brown 2024
Ashley Canelon 2026
Shea Dahl 2025
Julia Damashek 2024
Ainara De La Torre 2026
Morgan Ellis 2024
Sydney Ellis 2026
Lexi Ewen 2024
Lilian Fiorelli-Lamm 2027
Alexa Gomez 2027
Cailyn Gray 2027
Ella Hammer 2025
Nicolette Harvey 2024
Dhana Henouda 2024
Gabriella Kamholtz 2025
Valentina Macias 2027
Malika Mckeith-Wellington 2025
Amanda Nisonson 2025
Lindsay Nisonson 2025
Riley Orlando 2025
Samantha Peck 2024
Katherine Pope 2028
Brielle Rebello 2024
Julia Rocha 2024
Grace Ross 2026
Elizabeth Ruth 2025
Isabella Seelye 2026
Sophia Shahriari 2026
Rebecca Tablis 2028
Julia Walton 2025
Dafna White 2027

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Our Coaches

Head Coach:  Stacy O'Connell

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