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Varsity Boys Lacrosse

Varsity Boys LX Team Photo 2023-24

The varsity boys lacrosse team at Saint Andrew's School has a long-standing tradition of excellence, having won multiple state championships and producing top-level college athletes.

The team is known for its fierce competitiveness, strong work ethic, and dedication to the sport. The coaches work hard to instill these values in the players, pushing them to give their best effort in every game and practice. The players on the team are not only skilled athletes, but also leaders and role models for their peers.

Their dedication to the sport and their team has earned them a reputation as one of the top high school lacrosse programs in the state and on the national level.

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Roster & Coaches

Athletics Roster

# Name Position Class
1 Bryce Bertanzetti-Lawrence Midfield 2025
2 Noah Smith Attack 2026
3 Shovan Eriksson Attack, Midfield 2026
4 Connor Byrnes Midfield 2026
5 Nicholas Testa Attack, Midfield 2026
6 Andrew Pozo Goalie 2024
7 Logan Weiss Defense/LSM 2025
8 Nicholas Barrett Midfield 2027
9 Cole Denton Attack 2026
10 Jackson Parke SSDM 2024
11 Beck Trafton FOA 2024
12 George Meehan Attack 2025
13 Mason Hudson Defense/LSM 2024
14 William Caragol Defense/LSM 2025
15 Jack Stula Midfield 2026
16 Brandon Mordis Defense/LSM 2026
17 Mason LeLack Defense/LSM 2024
19 Leyton Zorumski Defense/LSM 2024
20 Dylan Moseley SSDM 2025
22 Dylan Faison Attack, Midfield 2026
28 Ethan Friesel Midfield 2025
32 Kian Robbins Attack 2025
33 Matteo Moran Midfield 2026
34 Theodore Loucas Goalie 2026
35 Jonathan Meyerer Defense/LSM 2026
36 Sheppard Parrott Midfield 2024
38 Christopher Ged Midfield 2026
40 Ethan Sands FOA 2025
44 Dominick Deering Defense/LSM 2024
45 Connor Hofbauer Midfield 2024
47 Steven Friedman Midfield 2024
53 Christopher D'Angelo Defense/LSM 2026

Our Coaches

Head Coach:  Tony Seaman

Assistant Coach:  RJ Dawson

Assistant Coach:  Brendan Gleason 

Assistant Coach:  Rich Mullen 

Assistant Coach:  Chuck Miller 

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Whether it's in collegiate sports professional athletics, or other areas of life, Saint Andrew's alumni have demonstrated exceptional talent, resilience, and leadership. Their achievements serve as a testament to our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and athletically.

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