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Middle School Cheerleading

Middle School cheerleaders
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The middle school cheerleading team at Saint Andrew's School is a dedicated and enthusiastic group of young athletes who are passionate about promoting school spirit and supporting their fellow teams.

They work hard to develop their skills and routines under the guidance of experienced coaches. The team performs at various school events, including football and basketball games, providing a fun and exciting atmosphere for both players and fans.

The middle school cheerleading team at Saint Andrew's School is an important part of the school's sports program, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for their fellow athletes. The team is committed to promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and school pride among its members, while also providing a well-rounded education for its players both on and off the field.

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roster & coaches

Athletics Roster

Name Class
Kathryn Anglemyer 2030
London Buckstein 2029
Georgia Cejudo 2029
Ava Cohen 2028
Piper Cornell 2028
Peyton Crage 2028
Reese Damashek 2029
Finley Dyer 2030
Emma Feldman 2029
Jordana Fina 2030
Olivia Flax 2030
Hailey Friedman 2030
Ashley Gold 2030
Aria Goldberg 2030
Carly Goldstein 2029
Isabelle Jaffe 2030
Merritt Kanzer 2028
Remi Kornhaber 2029
Phoebe Male 2030
Tahlia Mckeith-Wellington 2029
Mayane Mouala 2030
Londin Newman 2028
Liliana Pope 2030
Mikayla Roberti 2028
Lake Robinovitz 2030
Sloane Rosen 2029
Emilia Sanabria 2030
Ava Saunders 2029
Samantha Shapiro 2030
Holly Sullivan 2029
Mila Vassanji 2029

Our Coaches

Head Coach:  Savannah Opalak


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