Visual Arts Education

Art Education is an integral part of a well-rounded education, forging connections across all academic subject areas and providing students with unique experiences not taught in other core areas. Visual arts offer powerful means for expression - tools for making connections between intellect and emotion, for bringing meaning and beauty into our lives, for solving problems and communicating ideas. The Arts are an essential part of human history and provide a foundation for understanding the present and guiding us into the future.
The Visual Arts Department strives to:
      Foster the creative spirit, instilling in students powerful tools that help make connections between intellect and emotion.
      Expand student’s abilities to distinguish and appreciate the arts as a historical reflection of humankind’s advancements, values, and cultures.
      Develop a deeper capacity for creative expression and effective visual communication.
      Cultivate direct experience with the senses and create an atmosphere that promotes a kinesthetic connection to learning.

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