Dance at Saint Andrew’s School is a comprehensive dance education that combines rigorous dance technique training with the role dance plays in our lives. We believe dance should be both an integral and an integrated part of the school’s curriculum.

Dancers of all ages and levels are provided with the opportunity to study many dance forms including, but not limited to: ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation, and choreography. We believe a variety of dance genres helps create well-rounded dancers and well-balanced bodies. This approach allows our students to appreciate the artistry in a variety of forms.

In learning different genres and styles, they will also develop different muscles and ways of moving, reducing their risk of injury. A connection of technique with anatomy/kinesiology, dance history and vocabulary, dance appreciation, and the creative and aesthetic activities inherent in dance education are present in each course. Courses are designed with careful attention to age-appropriate material about the physiological and social/emotional development of our students.
It is the vision of Dance at Saint Andrew’s to develop the complete dancer and the complete person. This concept means students will work to become skilled technicians as well as critical thinkers, collaborators, and innovative creators.

It is our goal that dance students at Saint Andrew’s will move with confidence and creativity in their everyday lives beyond the dance classroom. They will also be prepared for the continued study and appreciation of the art of dance.

Through this design, Dance at Saint Andrew’s is aligned with the school’s overall mission of an education that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

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