Day in the Life: Sarah Grade 11

Morning – Arrival
After making the commute from Fort Lauderdale, approximately a forty-five minute drive, I arrive on the Saint Andrew’s campus –receiving a few waves and smiles as I pass by the friendly security guards. After I park my car, I wait around in the parking lot for a few of my friends, and then we head off toward our lockers, making sure we say our morning greetings to familiar and unfamiliar faces. Today I’ll be looking forward to an E Day in our eight-day cycle!
Morning – Honors US History
As the bell rings I gather my belongings and head into my first class of the day, Honors US History with Mr. Farrington. Being a discussion-based class, we sit around a long table to discuss the issues of our founding fathers and our country throughout history. Together we collaborate and share ideas as well as debate topics that were prevalent in their time. In this class there is a three-cycle rotation, called a “gallery” where select students are asked to observe the conversation for the day. I love the collaborative aspect of this course and enjoy the creative thinking that is always encouraged!
Morning – Advisory
After an exciting first period, I head off to advisory, right down the hall with Mr. Pozo. Mr. Pozo, a person who I look forward to seeing each and every day, is always willing to inform us on the latest global topics and always ensures that everything is going smoothly. In this advisory we watch five minutes of a movie, today’s being Benchwarmers – this becoming one of our favorite traditions! Mr. Pozo also always has enlightening comments to add to our thoughts for the day!
Morning – AP Chemistry
During each day of the week, students at Saint Andrew’s have one block period – a period lasting for an hour and twenty-five minutes. Today my block period is AP Chemistry with Mrs. Martin. With the extended period of time, Mrs. Martin has challenged us, the class, to carry out a series of experiments including the collection of various gases through the process of water displacement. With tips and pointers, Mrs. Martin is always there to help us! This fun and exciting class offers us time to collaborate as well as be challenged in a rigorous academic setting!

Morning – Honors Biology
After a challenging, yet enjoyable Chemistry period, I walk across the hall for Biology with Mrs. Bohl. I love the opportunities that Saint Andrew’s has to offer and I am so happy that I took advantage of the option to double my science courses. In Honors Biology, us students are faced with a series of tasks. One day we might be taking notes on lectures, maybe viewing and comparing diagrams, or even identifying the differences between enzymes! The labs that Mrs. Bohl prepares for us allow us students to put our notes into real context and action.
Morning – Band
I finish my morning with a splendid trip to the Performing Arts Center, one of my favorite places to be on campus! Each and every day I look forward to band as a way of expressing my thoughts for the day and simply relaxing and enjoying time with my friends and the wonderful Mrs. Wolgin. The band room is my home! As the secretary of the band, a flautist, and an oboist, I love expressing my passion and contributing to the world of music! The band is so privileged to play at many school functions such as football games, the Homecoming pep rally, and even Saint Andrew’s Day! I cannot wait for the Christmas concert, where the flutes will be performing a trio version of the Dance of the Reed Pipes from The Nutcracker.

Afternoon – Lunch / Break Time
After band, lunch is another enjoyable period of my day! The beautiful dining hall always has a selection of delicious meals from hot foods to cold, a sandwich bar and even a few unique selections. Myself having a gluten allergy, I am always so pleased with the excellent options that Sage Dining has to offer those who have allergies. After lunch, my friends and I head off to our lockers where we relax, grab our books, and walk each other to our next classes!
Afternoon – Honors Calculus
As I walk into Mr. Hock’s classroom for Honors Calculus, I am always greeted by the brightest smile. This class is one of my favorites because of the creativity and adventures that Mr. Hock allows in his classroom. Math, one of my least favorite subjects, has become one of my most favorites! Another great aspect of this class is the excitement and pleasure that Mr. Hock shows for the subject!
Afternoon – AP English
Today we met outside of our usual classroom. Instead, we decided to have a writing day in the Computer Lab with our teacher, Mrs. Merrill. Every few weeks we have a writing day where we compose an in-class essay based on the mode of composition that we have been studying for the past few weeks. Each lesson that Mrs. Merrill plans for us not only gives us insight into the world of literature, but also applies to our world today! This year being my second year with Mrs. Merrill, I know that she is always there for help and guidance!
Afternoon – Club Day
After school today, we have one of our Club Days! I love Club Days because they allow students to mingle in a relaxed setting while still achieving goals. Being in charge of a club myself, Yogi Scots, I have planned for today a meeting where we practice arm balances and inversions while listening to fun music and de-stressing from our week! I love seeing everyone join together to share a yoga practice and to discuss some of the latest stresses in our lives!
Afternoon – Cross Country
From an eventful school day, I head off to the fields for Cross Country with coaches John O’Connell and Stacy O’Connell. This sport, although often considered an individual sport, is not and this truly shows at Saint Andrew’s. We are given directions as to what type of practice we will be doing for the day – speed, distance, or a combination. Today is a distance day, one of my favorites because I enjoy chatting and running with some of my best friends. After our run, we meet up under the Pavilion where we evaluate our run, stretch, get in some core work, and then head off for the night.

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