Day in the Life: Petra Grade 10

Morning -  Breakfast
I head over, from my dorm, to breakfast in Mariani Great Hall. I normally walk with my roommate or other girls from my hall. I always try to guess what breakfast will be that day. Waffles or pancakes? Bacon or sausages? I sit with the other boarders at breakfast and we talk about upcoming school events or our plans for the weekend. At about 7:35, I start walking to my class.
Morning – Honors Chemistry
I walk into Chemistry Honors ready for Ms. Martin’s, always an exciting lesson. Today, we have a lab. Ms. Martin has us do labs frequently, just about every week, and every lab relates to our lessons. It is so much fun to not just learn, but to observe chemistry!
Morning – Advisory
Advisory! Who has the best advisory? I do! J Mr. Farrington always has great advice and I love the students in my advisory. We always know what is going on in everyone else’s lives and we always help each other, tell jokes, and give each other ideas.
Morning – AP European History
Today, I have block period with Mr. Ballenger. As he likes to say “everyday should be block with me!” He is hilarious and the block period goes by so fast! I love the way we learn history, through pictures of places Mr. Ballenger has been and the posters on his wall. Seriously, his wall is amazing, with every square inch covered.
Morning – Honors Algebra II
Mrs. Winer starts off the class by checking our homework and doing any problems that we didn’t understand on the board. After that, we get into our lesson of the day. Before we leave class we get the answer to Mrs. Winer’s plexer of the day, a puzzle she puts on the board everyday.
Morning – All-American Chorus
I love chorus. We never drop chorus in our weekly schedule so I get to look forward to this class everyday. Ms. Novitske teaches us not just how to sing, but also music theory and how to sight read. I have so much fun preparing for our upcoming concerts!
Afternoon – Lunch / Break Time
Lunch time I sit with friends and we talk about what has happened so far in our day. After eating in Mariani Great Hall we move to the Student Commons to relax until school starts.
Afternoon – Honors English 10
“What do you think Ms. Gettig?” This has to be one of the most frequent questions asked in our English class, but the response from our teacher is always the same, “What do you think?” Ms. Gettig will never hand answers to us. She encourages us to find meaning in what we read by ourselves.
Afternoon – Honors Chinese III
“Ni hao!” is what I greet my classmates with. My Chinese Laoshi (the Chinese word for teacher) has a fun way of teaching. Today we are learning about dining at a restaurant. After we review the vocabulary for this section, we learn grammar patters and expressions based on the chapter’s dialogue.
Afternoon – Extra Help
During extra help I can go to any teacher whose help I need. I stay behind to talk to Lian Laoshi and to make up a quiz I missed.
Afternoon – Practice for the play
Finally time for the play rehearsal!!!!!!! They’re always enjoyable. Everyone has their lines memorized by now so Mr. Hornung watches us perform and gives us stage directions and notes to make our acting better.
Nighttime  – Dinner
I eat a yummy dinner with the other boarders. Dinner conversations are always fun and dinner is always quite delicious.
Nighttime  – Study Hall
Study hall is officially from 8 to 10, but I start homework as soon as I can. After check-in at 7:50 I can sign out to study in the library. After the library closes at 10:30 I head back to the dorm. 10:40 is our last check in of the night.
Nighttime – Lights Out
Bed time! I’m already showered and ready for bed. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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