Day in the Life: Millie Grade 6

Middle School students take a total of eight classes, alternating four classes per day (rotating A & B days).

Before School
We live close to school, so it doesn’t take long to get to campus. My sister is in the Lower School, so we drop her off every day before I get dropped off at the Middle School. When I arrive, I hang out and catch up with friends before our first class starts.
1st Period  - Spanish
Spanish Accelerated this year is a lot of fun with Señora Ashley! We make projects and posters, and I’ve learned so much this year. We just learned about the parts of a house, and now we are doing a project on it. 
2nd Period - Song and Stage
Song and Stage is quite fun. We rehearse songs and learn choreography with Ms. Ascroft! We just did a spring performance where we choreographed some songs that we had learned. Now, we are learning how to stage fight with swords!
In Advisory, we have 40 minutes to eat a snack and check in with my advisor, Coach Hart. Each week, we attend an assembly and a Chapel service, which is part of our advisory program.
3rd Period - P.E.
I love doing P.E. with Coach Robertson, and we have done many sports this year. We have taken on basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis and at the moment we are swimming. I love swimming and diving in P.E. because diving is my favorite sport.
4th Period  - World Cultures
World Cultures with Mrs. Martin is a lot of fun. World Cultures is like learning about the ancient world, religion, and the cultures around the world. We finished learning about Ancient Mesopotamia, and now we are learning about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. We also are reading A Long Walk to Water.   
5th Period  - Art
In Art class with Mrs. Dejo, we learned about human proportions, and now we are working on self-portraits, which is quite challenging. We also have the chance to work on what we want to do, so I’m doing needle felting.  
Lunch Block
At lunch, we have 30 minutes to eat our lunch. We get to sit with our friends and spend time with each other. Lunch is delicious, and we have pizza day on Wednesday and burger day on some Fridays. 
6th Period  - Science
Science has been a lot of fun this year with Mr. Herr. We have been learning about the atmosphere, and we have done many labs. Now we are learning about structures such as bridges, and at the end of the year, we are going to construct a bridge out of spaghetti! 
7th Period  - Math
I have math with Mrs. Paul. This year we have done geometry, fractions, decimals and percentages, and many more topics as well. Now, we are working on calculating the areas of different shapes.
8th Period - English
This year I have English with Ms. Watts. At the beginning of the year, we read Look Both Ways, and now we are reading a book called Refugee. Ms. Watts makes English a lot of fun!
After School Activity - Diving
As a diver, I train at the Upper School level and compete on the 1-meter springboard in many of the varsity meets with Coach Merle. I love diving, and many of my friends dive as well!  

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