Day in the Life: Melanie - Grade 12 Boarding

Morning -  Breakfast
I head over, from my dorm to breakfast in Mariani Great Hall.I walk with my friends Grace, Jade, and Jae. I always try to guess what breakfast will be that day. Waffles or pancakes? Bacon or sausages? I sit with the other boarders at breakfast and we talk about upcoming school events or our plans for the weekend. At about 8:25, I start walking to my first class.
A Period – English 12
I arrive at my English class and say hello to my teacher, Mrs. Singer. It’s cool the way we all sit at big at the round table and discuss the reading from the previous night. The theme of my English class is “war” so the novels are centered around different wars from different time periods and locations from all over the world. I like that this class is small - only 7 students. I feel like I really know my peers well from our discussions about the reading. 
B Period – Ceramics
I usually walk in and Mr. Pritchard has the clay, slip, and needle tools set up for us. He also has music playing to help set a creative, inviting mood. I love the way Mr. Pritchard works on his ceramic piece right alongside us, pausing every so often to give us tips or short lessons. Right now, we are sculpting “sea anemones” using coil techniques. 
C Period – AP Calculus
This is a tough class, but so rewarding! Math is my favorite subject and I feel really challenged in a great way in this class. From learning limits to discovering derivatives - there are so many new concepts that I have loved learning. I see myself as an engineer someday, and I know how important Calculus is to develop the skills I need in that field. 
The first thing I do at lunch is to save a spot at a table in Mariani Great Hall near the windows looking out on the lake. Then I head over to the serving stations and take a look at the day’s menu. On most days, I make myself a salad, and sometimes I add in a slice of pizza. I keep an eye out for my favorite lunch - I absolutely LOVE the empanadas! They remind me of the ones my mom makes from scratch.  
D Period – AP Environmental Science
I walk in and take a moment to check out what new animal Mr. McLeod has added to the many tanks and aquariums around his room. Once we get settled, our class discusses topics related to the environment and what love the most about this is how relevant my learning is to the need in the world. 
E Period – Honors Marine Science
Class begins with a discussion of yesterday’s field trip. Our class often goes on field trips to places such as Gumbo Limbo, Boca Inlet, and even an overnight trip to the Keys. At the Boca Inlet, we discussed the mullet run and how it affects marine life in South Florida as well as a sand getty and how it is important for the inlet to remove sand to sustain the ecosystem. And of course, we caught fish! 
F Period – Free Period
During my free period, I sign out with Mrs. Herman in the Upper School office, and return to my dorm room for a quick snack. I use the quiet time to catch up on homework or study. Tomorrow, I have a “Red Key” tour my free period. As a “Red Key” Ambassador, my job is to greet prospective families and give a tour around campus. I love the opportunity that Red Key gives me to share what I love about Saint Andrew’s and “unlock” the unique opportunities that potential students can have here at SA.
G Period – AP Computer Science 
I want to be an Environmental Engineer and I think AP Computer Science teaches me important skills. Mr. Uriate always challenges me with coding projects and even though they are challenging, he is always there every step of the way. He is also available for extra help sessions before and after school. I feel well prepared to tackle my first computer class in college next year. 
Afternoon – Extra Help
During extra help, I can go to any teacher whose help I need. I stay behind to make up the quiz I missed in AP Calculus when I was on a school trip in Seattle attending the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. I look forward to continuing discussions with student leaders about how important awareness and understanding are in a diverse learning environment. 
Dance Company – Daily Practice from 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Dance is my favorite part of the day. I’ve been dancing since I was three and it’s a huge part of my life. Today, we are preparing for our fall show Novemberfest. I love the variety of styles we have represented in the show. I am working on a contemporary dance solo and making final arrangements for the piece I am choreographing for the show. 
Dinner in Mariani Great Hall - 6:00 pm
After a long practice session, I am looking forward to a delicious dinner with my friends. I look forward to many meals, but the favorites are spaghetti, nachos, and chicken parmesan. 
 Study Hall - 8:00 - 10:00 pm
As a Resident Life prefect, I help facilitate study hall one night a week. I arrive in the girls’ dorm lounge at 7:50 pm and meet up with the teachers on duty. We work together to touch base with each boarding student in the girls dorm. Some students sign out with us and head over to the Cohen Center for collaborative study. Others prefer the comfort and quiet of their own room as they study. I am looking forward to the end of study hall tonight because we are having a birthday cake for a girl on my hall - today she’s turning 16!
Nighttime – Lights Out
Bedtime! I take a shower after study hall and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to this weekend because there are many fun activities planned. We are planning to have a friendly but competitive game of capture the flag on Saturday. Later that night, now that the weather has cooled off, the teachers are building a fire in the fire-pit and we will roast marshmallows and make ‘smores. 

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