Day in the Life: Matthew Grade 7

7:50-7:55 am – Arrival
After a 20-minute commute, I get dropped off and dart off to my locker. I put my backpack in my bottom locker and then I am off to my first class!
8:00-8:45 am – Science
I arrive at Ms. O’Connell Science class and we get started on our biology homework since we have a test on Monday. One of my favorite moments in this class was when we learned how to plan out an experiment and my group, featuring Reid, Justin, and Jordan, got to plan out a sports game called  ‘Ball Frenzy.’ Ms. O’Connell is a great teacher and is always organized…she gives us so many options to learn the material – study guide, online quiz, web sites etc…
8:50-9:35 am – Spanish
In Spanish class with Senora Aramendia, we are working on a Spanish dialogue video about going on a trip Spain. My partners are Nicole and Fiona. We get to use iMovie and there is a dual part to the project – the travel part to Spain and the activities once we arrive in Madrid. This class is so handy to take since we live in South Florida where so much Spanish is spoken.
9:40-9:50 am – Homeroom
Once we arrive in homeroom with Ms. Potts-Hawk, we eat snacks, go over announcements, and hand in the Red-Reef field trip form.  In a week, we are going snorkeling at Red-Reef in order to prepare us for the class trip to the Keys.
9:55-10:40 am – English
In Ms. Steinberg’s class we do a lot of fun writing assignments. Today, we are working on writing a letter to an author of our choice as part of a national literature contest. I picked Afrika by Colleen Craig. I want to get my letter done quickly so I can send it out today. I can’t wait to see if I make it to the finals for the contest!
10:45-11:30 am – Band
I walk over to Andrews Hall for Band class with Mr. Stancampiano. Once class starts we start preparing for upcoming concert, including playing festive season songs– for  Christmas around the world. I play the French Horn, which is something I have done since 4th Grade. Our entire band goes to cool competitions, where we have to do site reading with little prep. It’s a lot of pressure but we do well usually. Last year we got two ‘Excellents’ ratings and a ‘Superior’ rating.
11:35-12:20 am – History
After Band, I head back to the Middle School for History class with Mr. Rivera. Today, for that class, I am working on a small group project on the topic of slavery. My partners are Reid and Kade. We get to create, explore, and answer our own questions concerning slavery. We have two weeks to work on the project and will probably deliver our presentation through Keynote on a Macbook Air.
12:25 am -12:55 pm – Lunch
Lunch is a great time to grab some hot food and sit with my friends – Justin, Reid, Nathan, Kade, Jeremy, Parker, Andrew, and Tucker. We like to talk about our fantasy football and basketball leagues.
1:00-1:45 pm – Art
After finishing lunch, I head to Ms. Dejo’s art class. Today, each person in class is supposed to choose and research a painting and artist of our choice. I choose Open Window at Collioure by Henry Mattise. The tough part for me is recreating the painting since I’m colorblind. Mixing colors is really hard. I just try my best though.
1:50-2:50 pm – Math
Today in Mrs. Potts-Hawk math class we get to work on a project with ciphers and codes. It is so much fun making secret codes! For my code, since I love football I am using all the NFL team logos to create a secret alphabet. Pretty cool!
2:55-3:10 pm – Extra Help
Extra help is always a good time to meet with a teacher if you don’t understand something in class.
3:15-4:15 pm – After-School Football
Under Coach Kilpatrick we are currently 5-2 and League Champions. I play wide –receiver since I am pretty good with my hands. During practice, we do a lot of training and conditioning. It’s a great experience to be part of a winning team!

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