Day in the Life: Andres Grade 7

7:35-7:40 am – Arrival
After I get dropped off, I walk over to the 7th Grade Pod and drop off my things at my locker. After catching up with my friends for a quick minute, I like to get to class early so I can settle in and speak with my teacher.
7:50-8:40 am – WSAS Morning Show
Today in WSAS with Ms. Gorora, our class gets to do a lot of fun ‘behind the scenes’ stuff like choosing topics for the upcoming show and script writing. We assign students to each job/position…anchor, switchboard, camera, audio, producer, and director. Once the class is all set, we film the morning show covering School News, Round Square, and Sports.
8:45-9:30 am – English
Once I get to Ms. Steinberg’s class, we start reviewing our individual ‘Video Book Talks.’ Our assignment was to use iMovie to film ourselves at home discussing any book we wanted. I picked H.I.V.E Rogue…it’s the 5th book in the H.I.V.E series. I liked it because it contains action and suspense in every turn of the page!
9:35-10:20 am – Algebra 1 Honors
During class today with Coach Fred it is fun because we are working on producing a math newsletter covering topics like….’what we learned about this week’, ‘funny math comics’, ‘what we like about math’, ‘constructive feedback, ‘math fun facts’, and ‘commonly made mistakes’. My partner and I did it in a Google Doc. I like Coach Fred’s math class…she comes up with such cool activities like math bingo, partner math, etc…
10:25-10:35 am – Homeroom
After Math, I arrive at Mr. Rivera’s Homeroom class where we listen to announcements, eat snacks. Mr. Rivera is funny and a really good teacher!
10:40-11:25 am – History
In History class, we make our own Jamestown story in iBook. This project teaches us about the hardships in Jamestown in the eyes of a fictional character named John Johnson. For the project, I have to look at my family’s past so I get to interview my Dad. He thought it was so interesting…he liked it a lot.
11:30 am -12:00 pm – Lunch
Every Friday we watch a movie during lunch.  It’s a fun way to relax and hang out with my friends and eat a hot lunch. This week the movie is Toy Story and there are rumors we are going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy next week. Pretty cool!
12:05 -12:50 pm –French
After lunch I stroll to French class with Madame Young. It’s great, every Friday we have cultural foods that are really yummy….meringue cookies, croissants, madeleine etc. It’s all part of a French Wiki our class is working on together. I also like how Madame Young speaks to us in French all the time, which helps to enrich the program. It was overwhelming at first, but I understand a lot more now.
12:55-1:40 PM – Science
In Science, our teacher Mrs. O’Connell is teaching us about ecosystems and organisms as part of biological sciences. She has us construct food webs on paper and cards and work in small groups. An important part is working on the animal part – characteristics of life. I like Mrs. O’Connell because she is really nice J.
1:45-2:35 pm – Tech
For Tech class, I have Ms. Gorora for Design/TV Production and today we are working on creating public service announcements and digital citizenship videos. Ms. Gorora is both patient and kind…she really cares for us. Next week are going to start learning more advanced programs like Adobe Premiere, which is cool!
2:40-3:25 pm – World Religions
I walk in to class for World Religions, which is taught by Mr. Kilpatrick. He’s also the Middle School football coach. He is very outgoing and funny! In this class, we learn about different world religions including Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Did you know that Hinduism is both monotheistic and polytheistic?
3:25-4:15 pm – After-School Activity - Robotics
It is the end of the day and I am looking forward to Robotics with Ms. Gorora and Mr. Lebron. Today we are constructing our robots and beginning the programming part. And later this week we are going to Florida Atlantic University for a practice competition through the obstacle courses/arenas. I’m so excited!

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