Day in the Life: Alyssa Grade 7

7:45-8:15 Before School
- Exploratory & Clubs
Every morning before school starts, there are clubs and extra help. On Wednesday morning, I go to Round Square with Mr. Glick and Mrs. Pereyra. Mr. Glick is the Director of Student Life and he is in charge of Round Square. Mrs. Pereyra teaches 8th grade Spanish. Saint Andrew’s is a Round Square School and I’m part of the Middle School Round Square club. The club emphasized applying mainly 6 IDEALS in school and in life. The IDEALS are internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service. Each week we discuss what we can do to investigate, explore, and take action within these IDEALS.

1st Period (A) - Science
Science with Mr. Bello is a lot of fun. One interesting activity involved using model kits to see how different compounds and elements look. I am excited for the spring STEAM/Design project when I will build a hurricane proof house out of recycled materials. 

2nd Period (B) - English
Ms. Moylan is my seventh grade English teacher. We have a lot of fun in our class and I definitely learn so much! We have been working on essays and research about a topic that is related to technology. For my topic, I chose “online privacy” and in my essay, I have researched information about the causes, effects, and ways to keep online accounts safe. Ms. Moylan, Mrs. Martin-Gull, and Mrs. Bricineo help me find resources that are reliable and this helps me get the best information for my project.

10:10-10:25 - Advisory/Snack
I have 15 minutes to go to my advisory class, check-in with my Advisor, Ms. Moylan, get my books from my locker for my next two classes, and eat a snack. On some days, as a member of the Honor Council, I work at the school’s Snack Shop. Honor Council members are responsible for planning assemblies and chapel speeches to promote the importance of honor in the Middle School. In addition, on occasion, I am asked to serve as an Ambassador for the Middle School and act in a support role, hosting visitors and providing tours as needed. 

3rd Period (C) - Art/PE
Art and PE switch off every day. In Art with Mrs. Dejo, we are working with different mediums to make a sculpture of a myth. The cool thing about this project is that I create my own myth based on my heritage and culture. In PE with Coach Hart, we are working on our summative project, which is creating a personalized workout and diet.

4th Period (D) - Math
I am in 7th Honors math with Mrs. Potts-Hawk. We have just finished chapter 4 in our textbook and we learned algebraic, expressions and equalities. Mrs. Potts-Hawk always gives me time to practice math problems, and even get a head start on my homework at the end of class.   

5th Period (E) - Advanced Band
I play the flute in Advanced Band. Mrs. Wolgin is the Band Director and the flute section teacher. Advanced Band is a class with many of the best players in the Middle School. I am currently learning a solo for my trip to India with Round Square. 

12:15-1:30 - Lunch Block
Lunch block is made up of three 25 minute periods, and the periods rotate three times a year. Right now, 7th graders have our Activity period first. Activity is like a recess time and it lasts until 12:40. During Activity, there are so many options. I like to take walks with my friends, but I can also stop by Scots Spot, which is a quiet place to get homework help with Ms. Ellerstein and Ms. Hinkins. At 12:40, I have 25 minutes to read independently. On Tuesday and Thursday, we have advisory and we talk about kindness and our community. We eat lunch at 1:05, but we switch to having lunch at 12:15 in the last trimester, and we started with lunch at 12:40 in the first trimester.

6th Period (F) - Global Issues 
Social studies is called global issues in 7th grade. In Global Issues, I have weekly assignments to research and write a summary about the current event of my choosing. I am a member of the Middle School Model United Nations club (MSMUN) and Mrs. Voguit inspires me to be more aware of issues that the world faces so that I can apply my knowledge to my work as a Middle School delegate at conferences. 

7th Period (G) - French
My French class is with Madame Anthony. Right now I am memorizing a poem in French for a Poetry Jam that will occur later in the year. It is a small class so I get so much individual feedback and support with my French. Français est très amusant! 

After School Activity - Dance
After school, I attend an Indian Dance class. I study Bharatanatyam, which is a complex type of traditional Indian Dance.  Often, I am invited to perform my dances for the entire Middle School after our chapel services on Wednesdays. 

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