Round Square

As part of our commitment to bring a global emphasis to our core curriculum, Saint Andrew's School is a world member of the Round Square organization.

Our membership in the Round Square organization takes our mission of educating students in mind, body, and spirit to a new level. Round Square is a worldwide association of more than 180 schools in five continents that share a unique and ambitious commitment to personal development and responsibility. This is achieved as students participate in community service, exchange programs, and conferences, which often take them halfway around the world. In 2013, Saint Andrew’s School was proud to host the Round Square International Conference. In 2016, our school hosted the 50th anniversary celebration of the organization.

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Students learn to see themselves as global citizens and to look beyond gender, class, race, nationality, and culture to understand human nature.


Schools offer activities that foster a spirit of adventure and allow students to discover that they are capable of more than they might have imagined.


Freedom of thought and speech is greatly encouraged and appropriate forums and channels of communication are set in place.


Students learn that true leadership is serving others and is found in those whose convictions are rooted in personal responsibility, kindness, and justice.


Students learn about the fine balance needed to maintain a healthy interdependent relationship between human beings and the planet.


Students come face-to-face with the plight of those in most need around the world and discover how they can make a positive and sustainable difference through service.

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