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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Student painting in class

Scots are Creative Thinkers

Saint Andrew's School celebrates each student as an individual. Because teachers focus on acquiring a lasting depth of knowledge more than finding correct answers.  Scots are constantly challenging what they thought they knew to allow for new and imaginative ways to solve problems. Because the Saint Andrew's School curriculum fosters creative thinking, teachers are able to inspire a passion for in-depth learning.

Swimming breast stroke in action

Scots Succeed in What They Love to Do

For students who demonstrate a strong passion and talent for athletics or the arts, Saint Andrew's School goes above and beyond to help them thrive. Whether a student identifies as an equestrian, musician, golfer, or tennis player, we welcome their drive and unique skills. We stay in close communication with families to ensure that we work together to complement the rigor of an elite discipline with the integrity of our academic program.

Lower School students class photo

Scots build strong character and are spiritually aware

Every Scot is part of a much bigger story. As Scots, we think as a community, united for one another. Students, staff, faculty, and administration create a positive school culture of deep integrity and caring. With "Honor Above All" as our guiding principle, Scots exhibit honor everywhere they go, in every situation they encounter. They are welcoming, open, respectful, and responsible. We believe that integrity and character are as essential as reading or mathematics. As an expression of our Episcopal tradition, students attend weekly chapel. We believe that living a meaningful life starts with leading a moral life.