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The Middle School Day

During Middle School, we look forward to guiding students as they make the journey from dependence to independence by providing many opportunities for them to develop self-confidence, essential skills, and a love of learning. Our curriculum exposes students to a multitude of opportunities to find balance in their lives through exposure to academics, the arts, and athletics. Innovation and creative thinking are promoted as students develop the ability to collaborate, plan, and analyze. Developing strong character and honor are also core to what we do at Saint Andrew's.

School Day

School hours are 8:00 am - 3:15 pm (except Wednesday; 2:15 pm dismissal). Our schedule is organized into eight blocks, with four meeting each day. Students are assigned to an advisory group which meets daily in the morning. Middle School classes take place on an alternating “A” and “B” day schedule with each lettered day meeting five times every ten days.

All students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will take English, social studies, a language (Chinese, French or Spanish), mathematics, science, and physical and heatlh education. Each student will also select one performing arts class. In addition, students are enrolled in a semester of Design and Visual Arts.

Advisory Program

Each year, students are assigned to an advisory group which is a cohort of students from the same grade level. Each advisory group is assigned a Middle School faculty advisor and are most often groups of ten to fourteen students. Advisors get to know their students well and serve as an advocate for their advisees. Parents/guardians should feel comfortable contacting their child’s advisor with questions or concerns.

Advisory, Chapel, and Assembly

Each week on Mondays during the advisory block, all students either participate in check-in meetings with their advisor or work independently on pending assignments in the subject of their choice. They are also encouraged to bring a book for “rather be reading” time. 

On Tuesdays, students use the advisory block to attend an assembly session designed to address topics that are pertinent to Middle School students' social-emotional development and which often build upon the topics covered during the weekly advisory lessons. 

Each Thursday, all students attend chapel sessions. 

On Fridays, advisory lessons take place during the advisory block. Topics that will be covered in these classes may include, but are not limited to: orientation to the Middle School, preparation for high school, healthy relationships, peer pressure, healthy choices, mindfulness, growth mindset, personal development, sensitivity training, the power of words, stereotypes of society, and other topics that are developmentally-appropriate. 

Students are invited to bring snacks from home which may be eaten during the advisory block.

Religious Life

Religious life at Saint Andrew’s Middle School is firmly rooted in the Episcopal identity of the school. As an Episcopal school, Saint Andrew’s offers a welcoming and affirming environment where students can grow in their individual faith journeys. Saint Andrew’s presents the Episcopal tradition as a model for religious experience, while simultaneously lifting up other religious traditions. 

Religious life manifests itself in three distinct, yet complementary ways:

  • Religious Curriculum -  The social studies program is organized to encourage integration with topics associated with the Bible, world religions and/or ethics  

  • Chapel - The entire Middle School dedicates time every Thursday for community worship. Chapel is the time when the customs and values of the Episcopal tradition are most clearly expressed. Students of all faith backgrounds are able to participate. Chapel programs vary and often feature guest speakers. They also incorporate school ceremonies, such as Honor Pinning, and celebrations of religious holidays.

  • Chaplaincy - The Chaplain coordinates chapel and organizes extracurricular student groups such as the Christian Fellowship and the Jewish Forum. The Chaplain is available to students of all faith backgrounds to support their individual spiritual needs.


There are five sessions of Middle School athletics with approximately thirty teams composed solely of Middle School students. While safety, space limitations, and player development may limit team size, the athletic department and its coaches work with determination to involve as many Middle School student athletes as possible.

Middle School interscholastic athletic teams usually begin practice at the end of the academic day but practice times may vary according to the sport. While most teams practice Monday through Thursday, some also include Friday. All Middle and Upper School athletic schedules are posted on the Saint Andrew’s School website.

Community and Service

The action component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) can involve service to fellow students and to the wider community. This can be both inside and outside the classroom and school and can meet an authentic need, becoming meaningful service - working with people rather than for them. Through such service, students are able to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as collaboration, cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking. These actions are ways in which the students exhibit their commitment to the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

Students, faculty, and staff at Saint Andrew’s strive to embody the IB Learner Profile Attributes to develop into internationally-minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. To promote these aims, the school has three expectations regarding service.  

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Through service learning, young people use what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems. They not only learn the practical applications of their studies, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform.

Advisory Service Projects 

Each advisory group will adopt a service project that they will support throughout the year. Students will connect with the broader community with the purpose of learning, helping, and supporting those in need. Each advisory group will form an affiliation with a local agency, past examples of which include Boca Helping Hands, Florence Fuller, and Mae Volen. Students will work with their advisor to plan a meaningful service experience. 

Individual Service Projects 

It is expected that every student will make an individual commitment to provide service to the community in some manner. Students may volunteer in a consistent manner in the community or become involved with an issue with an international focus. They may also choose to take on an advocacy role. Advisory teachers will assist students in identifying an area of interest for this service project.

Students have the opportunity to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award through the Corporation for National and Community Service. This program will facilitate a connection between students and others in the community who may have needs that can be fulfilled through age-appropriate service. Students have the opportunity to set personal goals to earn a certain number of hours within a specified time period from December 1 through November 31. The minimum number of hours required to earn this award is 50 hours and the additional levels are:

  • Bronze Award  50 - 74 hours

  • Silver Award  75 - 99 hours

  • Gold Award  100+ hours

Grade 8 Community Project 

The three years of MYP instruction culminates in grade 8 with a community project that develops awareness of needs in various communities and addresses them through service learning. The community project engages students in sustained, in-depth inquiry that leads to service as action. Students will investigate, plan, take action, and then reflect on their project. The Community Project is coordinated through advisory classes. 

Field Trips

Throughout the school year, field trips away from campus are arranged as a means of enriching students’ learning experience. Field trips are considered part of the curriculum, therefore, students are expected to participate. Depending on the trip, families may be responsible for some additional costs.  

Each grade level also plans an overnight trip between three and four days in length. Participation is expected on the extended trips and exceptions must be discussed with the head of the Middle School. Students who are unable to attend their grade level trip will be required to attend local, day trips in place of the overnight trip. 

While students are engaged in a school-sponsored day or overnight trips, they will be viewed as ambassadors of Saint Andrew’s School; therefore, they are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that benefits that position and reflects well upon the institution and the student. As a participant of either domestic or international field trips, students are to understand that they are still considered a Saint Andrew’s student. As such, they are required to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Saint Andrew’s School Middle School Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code, as well as the local laws of the location of the trip.

Middle School Theatre Production

Every year, the Middle School sponsors a theatre production for students from grades 6, 7, and 8. Auditions are typically held several months prior to the winter performances. While every effort is made to schedule the early rehearsals around other commitments, during the three weeks prior to the musical, a more intensive rehearsal schedule requires full cast participation. 

Round Square

The goal of the Round Square is to blend leadership, school spirit, and positive social interaction among students. Students are given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.  The IDEALS of the Round Square programs at Saint Andrew’s are to focus on developing each child’s potential by creating a sense of internationalism, universal democracy, environmental action, adventurous spirit, and leadership and service to the community and beyond. These guiding principles are designed to prepare students for the challenges that will welcome them as adults in the globalized world.  All students have the opportunity to participate in the RSLAC Organization that meets before school.  

Round Square Conference and Travel Opportunities 

Round Square often organizes a ‘Conference of the Americas’ that is hosted by one of the member schools. Occasionally, Round Square students are invited to participate in an International Conference.  Participation gives us the opportunity to meet students from schools around the world with whom they can make meaningful connections. These connections may lead to exchange opportunities with other member schools. Typically the school hosts students from several other Round Square schools and schools reciprocate by hosting Saint Andrew’s students. Students from Round Square Schools are also offered opportunities to participate in extended field trips when this is possible.  

When possible, member schools of Round Square invite a limited number of students to join trips that are focused on culture, service and adventure.  The school reciprocates by offering other schools an opportunity to join trips.  Opportunities are sometimes limited due to the size of the host group.

Student Leadership Council

The Middle School Student Leadership Council provides students with the opportunity to serve as leaders of their peers in the Middle School. Members represent their classmates and work with the faculty advisors to address topics that are of importance to the students. Members also reinforce the honor code and core messages contained in the honor pledge. They have the opportunity to participate in school events and contribute content to the “Scots Times” student bulletin. Members apply and are selected by members of the administration in collaboration with the faculty advisors.