A Letter from Leadership

Saint Andrew’s School has a history of being bold. 

This history of boldness can be traced back to The Reverend Hunter Wyatt-Brown’s bold thinking – and even bolder action – in 1961 when the school was incorporated, and a blank canvas of 80 acres first began to take shape. 

For more than 60 years, this same characteristic has permeated our school and community. Saint Andrew’s has continually evolved to meet the challenges we’ve faced. We’ve gone from a small boarding school for boys to a large, three-division day and boarding school serving over 1300 students locally and from around the world. 

During this time, our school has been – and continues to be – at the leading edge of providing high-quality education in an environment that nurtures students in the Episcopal tradition. Educating and advancing the whole student – in Mind, Body, and Spirit – is the foundation upon which our school was established, and it is the foundation upon which we continue to build. Time passes – and faces and places change – but our commitment to being bold and making a difference in the lives of the students we educate endures. 

This commitment is perhaps most evident in our school’s consistent and collective ability to celebrate each child, deliver outstanding academic programs, and foster and expand meaningful and supportive relationships. These objectives and our core values of academic excellence, community, honor, integrity, and respect continue to drive our work, enhance our students’ lives, and help make Saint Andrew’s the extraordinary community of learners that it is. 

Now is an exciting time in the life of our school, particularly as we set the course for the next five years and beyond. We have an opportunity – rather, a responsibility – to inspire lives of honor, purpose, and possibility in ways that help our students and community lead positive change and serve others, now and in the future.

The five major strategic initiatives outlined in the 2022 Strategic Plan, and the corresponding action plans and priorities within, affirm our identity, reflect our long-held beliefs, and underscore our commitment to the Episcopal tradition so that we can continue to strengthen our culture and deliver upon our mission. 

With this plan as our guidepost, the steadfast leadership of our faculty, staff, administration, and board, and the ongoing support of our dedicated families and alumni, Saint Andrew’s is well-positioned to continue to provide academic and extracurricular experiences in a transformative setting – one that meets students where they are and helps them see and grow into what they want to become. At this pivotal moment in the school’s history, it is our responsibility that the education we deliver will serve our students well in the decades to come.

If The Reverend Wyatt-Brown could see Saint Andrew’s today, he would no doubt be impressed with how our school has grown and transformed yet remained true to its mission – particularly as we meet the challenges and opportunities of the day.  


Who We Are Aiming To Inspire

Committed To Excellence
A knowledgeable and empowered lifelong learner with an independent spirit who pursues passions with confidence and curiosity.

A growth-minded individual who fosters supportive relationships and models a commitment to physical and mental well-being.

A creative, collaborative, and technologically skilled problem-solver who has the courage to take intellectual risks.

Spiritually Aware
An honorable person who embraces their own beliefs, values diversity, and is respectful, compassionate, and inclusive of others.

An inspired citizen of the world who leads positive change and serves others within the school community and beyond.



We provide educational excellence in an inclusive community, fostering lifelong learning and nurturing each individual in mind, body, and spirit in the Episcopal tradition.


To inspire lives of honor, purpose, and possibility



We care deeply about and form decisions based on these core values: 
Academic Excellence, Community, Honor, Integrity, Respect

Our Strategic Initiatives

Distinctive Culture and Community

Reinforce our distinctive culture and community of belonging grounded in our Episcopal tradition and developing students in Mind, Body, and Spirit

  1. Communicate with clarity our mission, vision, and values. 
  1. Leverage our unique heritage in the Episcopal tradition to forge an educational family room for the region, a safe harbor to convene people and cultures from throughout our community.

  2. Cultivate our diversity through our foundational identity, strategic partnership organizations, and stronger connections to our community.

Home to Game Changers

Cultivate, inspire, and build an extraordinary community of learners of honor and purpose

  1. Recruit, hire, and retain the most exceptional and diverse educators. 

  2. Attract and enroll the most exceptional and diverse students. 

  3. Integrate and communicate the Portrait of a Scot into all of our goals for student outcomes.

World-Class Excellence

Provide world-class academic and extracurricular
opportunities in a transformative setting

  1. Inspire and integrate academic mastery into all divisions of the school.

  2. Maximize opportunities to expand and enhance our tradition of excellence in interscholastic athletics and arts programs.
  1. Illuminate pathways for individualized student success.

  2. Explicitly instruct students in all divisions and all courses in approaches to learning skills that align with the school’s adopted programs and that are founded on current, research-based best practices.

Unparalleled Residential Learning

Provide exceptional opportunities to create a distinctive residential program

  1. Increase the enrollment demand for our residential programs to maximize the number of outstanding students.

  2. Continue to develop a community of committed educators inspired to bring their expertise and professionalism to the residential program. 

  3. Enhance and expand our facilities to cultivate the residential life community experience and integrate the day and boarding environment.

Lasting Foundations

Increase and expand our future financial, philanthropic, and facilities foundation to support our vision and strategic plan

  1. Increase our endowment in support of our vision, strategic aspirations, and long-term sustainability.

  2. Enhance our transformative setting through the next generation of our campus master plan.

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    During the 2021-2022 academic year, Saint Andrew’s School launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. The strategic plan was developed to provide a long-range view of future school priorities created through an inclusive and participatory process. A steering committee was formed and focused on research, environmental scans, SWOT analysis, committee exercises, and trends in the independent school and the education sectors.  

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Our Strategic Plan Updates

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