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History of SA

Founded in 1961 by the Episcopal School Foundation, Saint Andrew’s School began as a boarding and day school for boys. Saint Andrew’s School was built out of the vision and hope of one man - The Rev. Hunter Wyatt-Brown. An Episcopal priest, he sought to include all young men, with the founders’ agreement to make the school open to boys regardless of race, and to accept “responsibility to teach and succeed with each individual boy.”

Dedication in 1961

groundbreaking -1961

A groundbreaking for Henderson Hall on December 17, 1961, was the first step toward that vision. During the ceremony, in a simple, yet powerful gesture, Father Wyatt-Brown broke off a pine limb and used his shoe lace to form a rustic cross that hangs today in the Chapel of St. Andrew in the heart of campus. Less than one year later, on September 21, 1962, saw 122 students from as far as Rio de Janeiro and many states, including New York, Michigan, and Ohio began their life as Saint Andrew's School Scots. 

Saint Andrew's Through The Ages

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Over more than six decades, the school has expanded in scope and mission, and today it is a premier coeducational day and boarding school with approximately 1,350 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. While Saint Andrew’s has evolved, its focus has remained on providing a rigorous college preparatory education that fosters students’ intellectual, physical, and spiritual development and instills a lifelong dedication to learning.

Capturing how far Saint Andrew’s School has come in the past six decades can be difficult. There is so much to highlight. It begins with a mission grounded in the Episcopal tradition; core values representing academic excellence, community, honor, integrity, and respect; and a student-driven honor code, which states, “Honor Above All.” Add in talented students, a world-class faculty, dedicated alumni, and supportive parents. The school's beautiful campus has expanded over time with cutting-edge facilities, thanks to the generosity of the community. Finally, you bring to the table academic excellence in curriculum and programming, with Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Honors classes.

Throughout the evolution of this great place, this great school, one thing has remained unchanged: Once a Scot, Always a Scot.