10 Reasons to Become a Scot

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  • + #1 Scots Are Ready To Reach Their Boldest Dreams...

    We are quite proud that 56% of the Class of 2017 was admitted to a college ranked in the “Most Competitive” category in the 2017 Barron’s Guide to Colleges. Over sixty students earned more than $8 million in merit-based scholarships from different colleges and universities.

    Our individualized college counseling program begins in grade 10, which is led by counselors who are leaders in the college admissions field. Each year, the counselors host over 100 individual college admissions representatives on campus. The counseling team also provides presentations at regional and national admissions conferences, and are members of leading organizations such National Merit, IBO, university advisory boards, and scholarship programs.

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  • + #2 Scots Develop An Original Voice and Vision...

    Our goal is to develop creative thinkers and inquirers. We believe that to be successful in school as well as in life, children must develop skills that enable them to work with others, bring their individual voices and perspectives to a challenge, and gain a comprehensive and global understanding of historical and current issues. To achieve this, we are the only school in Florida to provide an innovative, international curriculum, which includes Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses vertically aligned from JK - 12 on one campus.

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  • + #3 Scots Have a Competitive Edge...

    In 2017, 287 students took 612 AP examinations administered in 28 different subjects. Eighty-four percent (84%) received a score of 3 or higher and 57% received a score of 4 or 5. Since 2013, Saint Andrew’s School has produced 164 AP Scholars, 100 AP Scholars with Honor, 234 AP Scholars with Distinction, 56 National AP Scholars, and 1 AP International Diploma recipient.

    In 2017, our IB Diploma Candidates sat for 121 total exams, with 75% achieving their IB Diploma with an average score of 28. Around 86% of exams had a score of 4 or higher.

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  • + #4 Scots Are Explorers...

    We offer immersion programs that expand our students’ academic curiosity while also satisfying their adventurous spirits. Experiences such as helping to rebuild New Orleans, studying Darwin’s living laboratory in the Galapagos, and exploring the intersection of mathematics and architecture in Greece offer our students the opportunity to take risks, reach beyond their comfort zones, and leverage their passions into meaningful forms of action.

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  • + #5 Scots Are Citizens of the World...

    Scots are diverse in every sense of the word. They come from over 40 different countries, belong to different cultures and ethnicities, and have a variety of interests. Saint Andrew’s School brings together day and boarding students of all faiths, of blended faiths, or of no faith in particular. Our students are deeply passionate about anything from marine sciences to multivariable calculus to cinematography and who will change the world with their contributions.

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  • + #6 Scots Build Strong Character...

    Our school community fosters an environment based on the principle of “Honor Above All.” We believe in developing character and expect our students, parents, and staff to demonstrate honor in academics, sportsmanship, and decorum on or off our campus. Each year we host honor-pinning chapels for all students, faculty, and staff to reaffirm our commitment to the honor code.

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  • + #7 Scots Learn Through Journeying...

    Our membership in Round Square includes a global network of 180 schools in 40 countries across 5 continents. Through a holistic approach to learning through six ideals: internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership, and service, Saint Andrew’s School, and its fellow Round Square schools recognize a responsibility to shape the way the next generation of leaders understand, prepare for, and respond to the world.

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  • + #8 Scots Find Their Best Selves Through Balance...

    Our philosophy is that children need a balanced approach to education. We believe that arts, athletics, extra-curricular offerings, service, wellness, and spirituality are complementary and supportive companions to our academic program. In addition to our robust academic offerings, we have 65 active sports teams, weekly engaging chapel services, international exchanges all over the world, 25 notable performing arts groups, community service projects that make an impact, the best homecoming celebration in town, and a number of additional activities such as robotics and video production.

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  • + #9 Scots Unlock Their Creative Potential...

    Inspiration is everywhere at Saint Andrew’s. With the support of gifted faculty, students explore and discover their creative potential. Scots push themselves to grow as visual artists, musicians, actors, and dancers - learning the fundamentals and practicing regularly. When their hard work culminates in an exhibition or show, they completely let go and enjoy the spotlight, leaving themselves and their audiences in wonder and awe. All in all, Scots have achieved superior ratings in the arts via local showcases, regional competitions, and nationally adjudicated performances.

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  • + #10 Scots Open Their World to New Possibilities...

    Excitement will be in the air at Saint Andrew’s as the school opens the doors to the new Dr. Albert Cohen Family Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, featuring 21st-century STEAM classrooms, collaborative meeting spaces, and the debut of the exciting Kessler Digital Media Institute. This hub for innovation will certainly open a new world of possibilities for our students as they invent their own futures by pursuing innovative coursework in design technology, media arts, investments and entrepreneurship, robotics, and TED-Ed. Saint Andrew’s School continues to proudly sponsor the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!).

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